No Chance Meeting (review!)

Hey again, everyone! Hope everyone’s been having a good day! I just woke up from a nap (after two tests today + prepping for midterm next week) … so it was much needed and I feel fantastic!

Anyways, as promised, I’m back for my review of No Chance Meeting by Jaye Elliot. If you (somehow) missed it, earlier today I got the chance to post a deleted scene from the book (you can find that |here|).

At the end of this post I have the rest of the tour linked (make sure it follow it!), along with the two giveaways going on! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. 🙂 Now, here’s a lil’ bit about the book!

34845058. sy475 Alex Jennings is done with life. After losing her brother in Afghanistan, everything has collapsed
around her. Getting laid off from her day job and failing in her art career, she has nowhere left to
turn. She once had faith to believe that all things would work together for good, but that faith
died with her brother. Now she just wants the pain to end.
Riley Conrad served thirteen years in the military until three bullets sent him home. After a year
and a half of physical therapy and scraping together a living, all he wants is to live a simple life
and perhaps even open the coffee shop he dreams about. However, the weight of failing his
parents’ expectations doesn’t make it easy, and working as a bartender isn’t getting him
anywhere fast.
Could a “chance” meeting between Alex and Riley set them both on the path God always

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The Review

So it’s no secret that over the past couple years I’ve come to the realization that I love contemporaries. Of course, having already read most of Jaye’s fantasy books (published under Jaye L Knight) and loving them to pieces, I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to start and read No Chance Meeting. And I wasn’t disappointed!

First off, the characters are all amazing. Each of them are realistic and believable (leaning pretty heavily on the “sweet”/conservative side, but still) and likeable. Alex is pretty much the main narrator, and I actually really enjoyed her voice. How Miss Elliot wrote her depression and dry faith (Alex still believes in God – but her struggles are pretty relateable and well-known to many Christians out there) was very well -done. I also like this layer that was added on so that it wasn’t just a romance book.

Riley was our other narrator. (Can I say real fast that having a female narrator named Alex and a dude named Riley was kind of confusing? Not a BD, but I was a little confused at the beginning, lol) Riley was great. He rides that line perfectly of being a sweet, considerate gentleman, but ALSO BEING BELIEVABLE. How he supported Alex – but would give her some tough love – was something that I really appreciated seeing. And also, he is retired military and seeing his struggle through that was something I liked seeing, as well.

Zach and Mindy are also two other pretty main characters. They are Alex’s friends (though they pretty quickly connect with Riley!), and were perfectly supportive and genuine. I found Mindy to be a little unrealistic at times (she is constant energy and crazy), but I still loved her.

The pacing was slow and steady, which was perfect for the story. It also wasn’t some intense flurry of emotions or whatever that I typically associate with romance novels (or maybe that’s just because I tend to read YA novels), which I hugely appreciated. How faith was also incorporated in the story (I already briefly touched on that) was amazing to see.

(i just wanted to mention: allll the jeep and flannel love in this book!)

So, overall, I am becoming a fan of Jaye’s new contemporary adventures! 🙂 I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to dip their toes into clean romance! Now, it IS an adult book, so some of you younger teens might just want to go in with that in mind.

The Giveaways

  • Giveaway #1: To celebrate the release of No Chance Meeting, Jaye is giving away a reader bundle that includes a signed copy of No Chance Meeting, a hand-painted watercolor bookmark, a coffee mug, and a bag of Dove chocolates! Enter using the form below. U.S. entries only. Not open internationally.
  • Giveaway #2: For her second giveaway, Jaye is offering 3 ebook copies of No Chance Meeting. Open internationally!

The Rest of the Tour

You can find all of the other stops right here!!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I hope you give No Chance Meeting a shot and give Jaye some love on the release of her new book! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 😘

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