Let the Ghosts Speak | review | Bryan Davis

Hey everyone! I want to say that I seriously hope that you have all been staying safe during this COVID pandemic. I know everyone is saying that and that at this point it might come across as cheesy – but I’m genuinely serious. Sending prayers out to you and all of your loved ones!

On that note, I hope all of you bookworms have been finding time during this “quarantine” period to settle down with a book! I know that it has actually – surprisingly – been a struggle for me to find time! But I hope you’ve been catching-up on all of your bought-then-abandoned books, lol.

Anyyyyyways, onto the bookish stuff!

If y’all have been around for any amount of time … you may recall me recounting (or maybe you actually REMEMBER) my Bryan Davis obsession. His books were my rock throughout my middle school/early high school years. That sounds SO cheesy, but for a young teen with no friends, I fell in love and found friendship in his books.

So of course, I’ve been absolutely ecstatic to read Let the Ghosts Speak! I had read snipets on Mr Davis’ blog from, wow, a couple years ago, at least. I’ve been very excited for it ever since then! It is a supernatural historical fiction, which, let’s be real, we all need in our life.

I absolutely loved it, and I hope y’all will give it a shot!

Let the Ghosts Speak
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Let the Ghosts Speak is a perfect blend of supernatural and historical (I KNOW), bringing in some well-known historical figures as … yup … ghosts. Shocking, I know. Anyways, I absolutely loved the feel of the book and how there was a balance between the historical and the supernatural – which is something that we all love. It takes place in Paris in the 1800s and I just absolutely adored the setting. Definitely a perfect setting for the book! (ahem. catacombs.)

Justin Trotter is our narrator. He’s a twenty-something actor struggling to provide for himself and his twin sister. He, of course, is in love with his roommate’s sister. Justin isn’t strictly naive, but he’s very … innocent. He sees the good in most things. At points, it was a little annoying, I’ll admit, because he’s such a go-with-the-flow character (that is addressed in the book). But overall, I really enjoyed him. Also, he was a refreshing narrator because he wasn’t typical. Justin was most definitely not the Hero Type, nor anything out of the ordinary. He was just a boy who was dragged into something way beyond him. Really enjoyed him and his voice!

As for the other characters … I was not a fan of Francine right from the start. Perhaps that is because we are too similar of personalities or that I just simply didn’t like her. Regardless, I just didn’t vibe with her. She toyed with Justin (in my opinion) and I grew frustrated at her choices. At times, she also felt flat. Her brother Marc – Justin’s roommate – was a character that I did like. I wish that he had been in it more, which shows that I rather enjoyed him. Our other main character, Inspector Fortier, had to be my favorite. He totally avoided the whole dumb-to-the-point-of-pull-my-hair-out Inspector stereotype. But he also didn’t swing to the side of Sherlock-genius – he was a perfect medium. (I also absolutely loved Jean – but he wasn’t in it all that much. Sad.)

I absolutely fell in love with the whole book. I started it just as COVID reached my state … and I immediately became sick (with the flu). So, it took me forever to read (aka, two weeks πŸ˜‚), otherwise I would have finished it in an afternoon. The pace isn’t exactly super fast, but it is very engaging and I never wanted to put it down. I spent the entirety of the book second-guessing EVERYTHING (however, it was all built up well and nothing felt like it was pulled from a hat) and I absolutely loved that!! The suspense was very engaging and well-balanced.

As Bryan Davis is a Christian author, the book is very clean for the most part. (I will say that it is NOT a Christian book) The swearing was very minimal (mostly used in the “proper” context, such as damning evidence or bastard child). There is definitely murder, but nothing too extreme (just gory enough without being over-the-top).

So, all in all, I LOVED this book! It is entirely perfect for a COVID read – quite short, engaging, and all-around great quality. Totally recommend this to historical fiction or fantasy lovers out there! Pick it up for your next quarantine read. πŸ™‚

Thanks to the author! I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I just happened to think it was fabulous! πŸ™‚

Anyways, I hope you all give this book a shot – it’s a good time to read with the COVID quarantine! Stay safe and enjoy this time with family or having some good alone time πŸ™‚

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