Book Reviews – The Halloween/Fall Edition

Umm. The intro's always the hardest. So. Let's just skip, yes? Well, happy Halloween! Or All Saint's day. Depending on if you're one of those people or not. Well. Today I have some reviews for you. Three, to be exact ( + gifs)The reviews themselves reach nearly 3k words, so read at your own risk...... Continue Reading →


My Favorite Book-Inspired Music

Ahh, I can hear you all groaning internally. 😉 (I know that you're not!) Yes, I'm back this week. And this time with music. Yes, shocker. (P.S. We should get rid of post titles, it TOTALLY destroyed my big reveal.) Anyways. Today I have brought you a new post bearing two things: my favorite music... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Electric – REVIEW

Hello "peoples" of this earth ... if that's indeed what you are! Today I have a book for you that I adored (which really means that you should be worried!) I ALMOST LITERALLY FIGURATIVELY CRIED. (Hey - I've been reading Unfortuate Events. I'm confused with definitions. WHERE'S SNICKET?!?!) Anyways, this is a lovely, bittersweet historical... Continue Reading →

Most Likely To… TAG!

Well. Today I'm doing a tag. A ... PaperFrag. Wait. That didn't turn out like I had hoped... ANYWAYS. PaperFury did/made/stole/created a tag, and I'm stealing it from her ... because why not my preciousss. And OF COURSE I'm only using Incredibles gifs ... because ... why not? The Most Likely To... Boys Be Overprotective:... Continue Reading →


Heeeeey, y'all!!!! So ... I was going to do a full-blown review today, but HA! As if that would happen! 😉 Today I have four books that I'm reviewing for you! I hope that you all enjoy and comment on how your book life is going (c'mon, I know that you've all asked out at... Continue Reading →

I Stole From Myself (TAG!)

Hey guys! This is my first "real" post in a while ... meaning I have a few jokes and gifs ... just minus some covers and ... stuff. 😉 Please enjoy me answer the Bookish Book Lover Tag, which I stole from myself! I did it   nearly a year ago (which reminds me ... you... Continue Reading →

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