Dagger’s Sleep Review + Giveaway (Yay!!)

Hey everyone!!! How's it going? Yeah yeah, great. Now back to me. 😛 Today I am reviewing a book by Tricia Mingerink. Yeah, the TRICIA MINGERINK WHO WROTE THE BLADES OF ACKTAR SERIES. *dies* And more than just that, I am participating in a blog tour - the first day at that - for both... Continue Reading →


The Empress Review AKA, there goes my heart

I have a review for you today. It may be all over the place. But you know what? That's how my feelings are. Scattered all over the seven seas. The book is The Empress by S.J. Kincaid. It is the second book in The Diabolic series. As this being the second book, there are minor... Continue Reading →

Every Breath – A Sherlockian Book Review

Hey, folks! How's it going? Read anything good? Anyway. It's review week! This week the lucky book is the first in a trilogy, Every Breath by Ellie Marney. It's an Aussie contemporary Sherlock retelling that I do hope you'll read. Continue and enjoy! ❤ What I liked: So. This isn't, for all extent and purposes,... Continue Reading →

The Raven Cycle Book Tag

Hello, friends! So. I stole a tag from PaperFury. (Quite the often occurence, I know. But hey - what can I say? I've got super sticky fingers, and PaperFury leaves lots of crumbs lying around...) What is the tag, you ask? Well, I'm glad that you most absolutely did ask. It is the (The) Raven... Continue Reading →

The Cresswell Plot ~ Review

So hello, everyone!! I am back here with another review by yours truly. Though it was fun to dip my toes in the romance/contemporary pool with last week's post (right here), I think that I shall get back to my creepy/fantasy books, thank-you-very-much. Well. That means that today's review (as that I am sure that... Continue Reading →

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