YA Love Interests I Adore … and Some that I Don’t

So. I know that today is Single's Awareness Day and I already missed the Valentine train ... but have I ever been one for listening to rules? Lol. #nope Now in case - on the off chance - that you aren't already sick of valentine-themed book posts ... I have another one coming your way.... Continue Reading →


Words of Radiance

AHHH. GUYS. I HAVE SOME FANTASTIC NEWS FOR YOU ALL. Hi. Yes, it is true. I am fabulous. That joyful news aside, today I am reviewing Words of Radiance (Brandon Sanderson, The Stormlight Archives #2). This humongous tome (clocking in at about 1087 pgs) is an epic fantasy. I loved the first book and, while... Continue Reading →

Decree (assassin book take five)

So how's it goin'? Of course, you won't respond right away because you'll read the entire post. *cackles at use of "subliminal" messaging 😈 * Lol. Hope that you're all well! School's good. Work's good. Your enemies are dead. Life is good. You may recognize the book series today if you are slightly rebellious and... Continue Reading →

All the Bright Places

Hi friends! So I hope that you are all doing well and aren't suffocating in school/work/life! I mean, c'mon. That'd be sad. Anyways, today's review is a super special, super amazing book: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. It's a beautiful contemporary and it is released as a movie later this year! (!!!!) It... Continue Reading →

Seven Random Factoids About Moi

Hi guys! So. I was just thinking about doing a post with a ton of random factoids about myself (because coming up with post ideas is hard, lol) when I stumbled upon Norrie's 7 Random Facts post. I wasn't "officially" tagged ... but I stole it. Deal with it, buddy. That is what I'm doing... Continue Reading →

2018 Book Wrap-Up

Yea, yea. I'm sure that you all are completely and utterly tired of 2018 wrap-ups. I thought about doing a 2017 one, just to mix things up, but ugh, that's so much work. ANYWAYS! That is why I am doing mine partway through January! To be different! Ahem. So I really don't think that I... Continue Reading →

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