Opposite of Always | Justin A Reynolds | review

Hey guys! For me, school is starting up and it's the second week (yay college) so guess who's procrastinating right now???? That's right. For the remainder of the school year near future all of the posts by yours truly will be written out of desperate procrastination. You're welcome. THAT ASIDE. I'm comin' at you with... Continue Reading →

Books With Better Sequels

Okay. Let's be real. Sometimes - though it is very far and few between - we like the sequels better than the first book. On the off chance that this happens, we really want to scream it from the mountaintops, right? Because we aren't able to pass up this anomaly. So here I am today,... Continue Reading →

Emergency Contact | review | Mary HK Choi

Hi! First off, sorry for kind of disappearing for literally forever. Literally. This summer has had many high points, but also loads of low ones. So life's been crazy. (also prepping for college is insane) And! Internet sucks. Like, I've tried to binge-watch The Office, but have only gotten through season three. Hopefully, though, our... Continue Reading →

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