the summer i turned pretty | jenny han

Yes yes yes, I’m jumping on the popularity train. 😛

For anyone whose been around here for a while, I absolutely adored Jenny Han’s To All the Boys trilogy, so obviously I was aware of her first trilogy. Buuuut I always thought that it looked too fluffy and young for me. Hehe heh, well a good adaptation can really change that for ya.

I desperately want to watch the adaptation since the actors look like such cuties, but, as a true bookworm, I want to read the book first. I got the audiobook, sat down and crocheted, and got it done in two evenings! I loved it.

I also have to say… this is my favorite cover out of all of them. It makes me feel so nostalgic and happy ❤

So it really is a summer fluff book. The entire thing takes place at a beach house over a summer (while also flipping back to previous summers) and is about Belly who is caught between love two brothers. And Cam. But it actually wasn’t as romance-heavy as I thought it would be. Belly is just a very dreamy narrator and she simple exists to dream and enjoy every moment. Something that I appreciate, but sadly can’t relate to. 😥

As a narrator, Belly hasn’t made my top ten, but I really did like her. She’s a little whiny and definitely gives off little-sister or baby-of-the-family vibes, but it never really became annoying. Honestly, it felt like she had three older brothers instead of one + two pseudo big bros.

I wish that I could have read this on the beach lol instead of being locked up inside while it was pouring and storming outside. But eh, I’ll take what I can get 😝

It felt so dreamy and nostalgic, in a way. And of course there were some swoon-worthy moments between her and the others. I will admit, though, there is an obvious choice about which brother is “better” for her, and I just want her to pick him?? Alas, I understand. As a young child I too was wooed by the emo bad boy with toxic traits. 😂 Kidding (sort of) aside, the three main love interest contenders are all deep characters for being love interests. Conrad is aforementioned swoony guitar-playing emo boy and the oldest. We also have Jeremiah, Conrad’s younger brother, who is your typical class clown who is loved by everybody and is honestly So Pure. Finally, we have Cam. I have to say, he never really seemed to have a chance with Belly, which made me sad. He was a very good match for her and someone that I would have utterly fallen for in high school. Tsk tsk. Sometimes you see others living your dream, and then ditching it.

So all in all, this was a great read (perfectly for warm vacays) and I honestly can’t wait to watch the first season of the show!

Alright! Anyone read this series before it became trendy? Has anyone already seen the show? I’d love to chat all the things! ❤


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