Pros and Cons to Being a Fast Reader

Now when I say I’m a fast reader, it doesn’t mean that I read all the time. But, when I do get in a reading mood I read a lot.

Just to set the stage and brag on my highschool self, junior year I read one of the Game of Thrones books in a single weekend. I also read Winter by Marissa Meyer in just over a day. All four (at the time) Maze Runner books were consumed in nearly a single session. So on and so forth.

But, as glamourous as that sounds, it has its drawbacks. I mean, c’mon. I can’t be THAT perfect. 😉

Pro #1

This may be the most obvious, but it means that I can consume a heckin lot of books. Especially when I specifically devote a spring break or a free weekend just to reading and snuggling with pets. (Let’s face it, pets are the most motivating part. We love pets.) A couple years ago, I read two books on a single Christmas day and still had time to have a chaotic family dinner.

Con #1

I guess we’ll just alternate between the pros and cons. 😂

The con is running out of books. Like seriously. You’d think that being able to read so fast and consume so many books it would be fabulous. It kind of is, except there are only so many books that my poor college student wallet can afford and so many library runs I can go on. THE FEAR IS REAL. Sometimes when you’re tearing through books left and right, you don’t realize that the only unread books left in your house are the devotionals that your great aunt gave you and the YA romcom that you bought at a used book sale in middle school.

The DrAmA.

Pro #2

Okay, while the first pro may be the most obvious, this one has to be the biggest flex. And that is, it’s the biggest flex.

I mean, honestly. Can you tell me a time that you were never more proud than bragging to your online bookish friends that you read THREE books in a week and they only read TWO? Exactly.

The ability to be able to flaunt the fact that you read so fast you can’t remember characters names is equivalent to true power.

Con #2

I kinda already went into this, but….. many of us who are fast readers, aren’t actually FAST READERS ya know? I mean, if you are saying that reading actually includes comprehension. Because then, well, that’s when things get garbled.

I guess a more accurate term for this would be, ugh, “skim reading.” But that sounds sooooo much worse lol.

Jk. But joking aside, this is a real issue! I think all of us can relate to being so into a book that we start to read faster than our ape brains can comprehend and all of those “boring details” are left in the dust.

So, what about all of you? Would you classify yourself as a fast reader, or a slow one? Should I write a post for the “opposing side?” I would love to talk with you all!


2 thoughts on “Pros and Cons to Being a Fast Reader

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  1. Same!! I read pretty fast (shhh no it’s not skimming it’s uh. consuming necessary information quickly. yeah. totally.) One of the reasons I started annotating was to slow myself down and just remember what happened in the story I’d just read. Love this!!

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    1. Lol, of course! You’re just, um, prioritizing… haha. But I love the idea of annotating! I had to learn to do that with school reading and when reading classics for pleasure, just so that I can slow down. I should try that with some other books… 😉

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