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Nadine Brandes, also known as one of the sweetest and most relatable authors ever, has marked herself as one of my favorite authors. Specifically, her book Romanov, which I have read, like, a lot of times. 😛 (This may have something to do with next week’s post… 👀)

Wishtress is her newest book coming out this September, which is, like, really soon. (Eeek!!) A couple things that are worthy to note about this book: It is her first novel since have children! And I don’t know about you, but that’s really cool to me and also says how long I’ve awaited her next book (she now has three very adorable halflings). Also, this is her first full-on fantasy! She’s written historical fantasy, but this is in her own world with magic and horse-riding and allllll the things we love from a classic fantasy.

That aside, I’m here today to share my thoughts! I’m super blessed to have gotten a copy from Thomas Nelson for a review, and all thoughts are my own, as is all of the praise that I laud over Nadine. ❤

I started reading Wishtress the very night that I got it in the mail. My husband’s friend was staying with us for the weekend, so it gave me an excuse to hide away in my room and read for hours. 😛 And let me say, Wishtress really new how to captivate me right from the start. Even when I was reading a “slow” part, I couldn’t stop reading. I cranked the book out in about two days.

The first thing that I will note is that it was an allegory. Having read all of Nadine’s books, I was expecting this but it didn’t really show up until the last quarter of the book, really. I have conflicting feelings on allegories (may be a future post at some point), but that aside it was done all tastefully.

Myrthe and Bastiaan were the two main narrators (with the occasional narration from another character), and I loved how both voices were very different in tone and style. Also, Myrthe was in 1st POV and Bastiaan’s was 3rd, and I honestly love that. I find that oftentimes when there are multiple narrators in different POVs, the characters blend together. Wishtress avoided that altogether!

Myrthe’s main journey is about her finding out who she is and having courage, as well as conquering guilt. She is the “savior” so to speak (can grant people wishes with her tears, so yeah, pretty powerful) but she is a very meek character controlled by all of those around her. This didn’t mean that the character was bland. Although I do have to say that I prefer Bastiaan.

Bastiaan’s was focused more on his journey of battle hypocrisy and guilt, as well. His gift was also suuuper interesting. With just a snap of his fingers, he freezes time for everyone and he doesn’t age. IMAGINE ALL THE BOOKS ONE COULD READ. I also really really loved his relationship with Runt, who was a young orphan boy that Bastiaan sort of took under his wing. The two were super adorable together, but their relationship was very flawed, which made me love it even more. Felt very much like a teenager with a much younger sibling (#icanrelate).

I think that my favorite part was the magic. All of their gifts (or their magical talents) were unique and I loved how most of the powers weren’t unlimited (i.e. could only be used per every dearly loved person’s death). Like, I LOVE this. Also, the idea that these talents could either be good or bad, depending on if they received it from the Lake or the Well. One of which always gives out banes (or bad gifts) freely, and the other requires tests and soul searching, but selectively gives very gifts.

My copy didn’t have a map, which I think would have been helpful lol. But final copies will have it! Wishtress is definitely focused on character development and soul-searching, which is great because I just so happen to love character-driven books.

AND THE ENDING. URGH. WHY IS THERE NOT A SECOND BOOK. (nadine has a note on the ending that proves the saying that authors drink the tears of their readers.)

There were definitely a few moments throughout that were swoon-worthy or so distressing that I had to close the book only to open it seconds later to find out what happened.

Definitely recommend this! Worth the multi-year wait for Nadine’s book!

Okay, could someone help me? Do you think it’s pronounced Wish-tress or Wishtris (like, seamstress). Cuz I never even thought of the second one *facepalm* Is anyone else a massive Nadine fan? Anyone excited to read this? (I’m definitely purchasing myself and my best friend I copy 😛 ) Let’s talk about it!


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