Words on Bathroom Walls | review | Julia Walton

Hello, friends! I’m sure everyone has already heard of the book Words on Bathroom Walls by Julia Walton. But. I am here to be late to the party and to give my two cents on it!

But before I get there, I’d just like to ask … how are you all?? I know this past year has really taken a toll on everyone and I just want to check in. Has time at home/with family/by yourself been good + productive? Frustrating and depressing? I really want to hear … so please comment. (Or if anyone has found a good read during their down time. I am desperately in need of a good book!)

Yeah. Anyways. I hope you all are well! I miss you all ❤

Words on Bathroom Walls

I have heard about this book for A G E S. But, with the movie coming out this last summer (I think lol — it was all over my Instagram feed), I decided that it was finally time for me to read it. Besides. I’ve been in such a mega huge contemporary mood for some reason … so it checked all the requirements.

It was a very quick read. The writing is light, even if the subject is a little more serious. When I had some time to read (in-between classes + work), I flew through it. It was also incredibly interesting. As far as I know, the author has done her research and Adam’s schizophrenia was very realistic (although everyone does have different experiences). I’ve always loved deep, well-written books on mental health because they feel so much more real than many other books. Words on Bathroom Walls was no different.

Adam, our protagonist, has schizophrenia. But he is also a teenage boy. The balance between the two was very interesting and tense. He’s bullied, likes a girl, deals with his own family drama at home — all very normal things — but to top it off, he sees murderous mafia and mute girls. So yes, it is just like everyone coming-of-age novel … but not.

The writing itself felt very juvenile. Definitely more on the younger spectrum of the YA genre (which was interesting given the topics of schizophrenia, sex, etc.), but still definitely enjoyable. As I said earlier, it was a very quick, light read (writing-wise). Adam is witty and the entire book is written as “diary” entries to Adam’s therapist, which gave the book its own unique flare. Very appropriate for the book + its topic.

Adam himself … was not necessarily my favorite. He both did and didn’t have the typical personality of a YA book (could I be any more middle ground?? 😛) But what I mean is that he had the normal humor that you would expect (witty and funny, but still very middle-school-boy in a sense). Still, he did give me a few good laughs. He also is constantly thinking about the girl, Maya, which was kind of funny and a little anxiety-inducing for me at times. 😂

Maya was the textbook definition of feminism, although she’s not a feminist on-page (that I remember). She doesn’t cry and is very demanding and in-charge. She is headstrong and a doer. And, of course, for some strange reason, she fell for Adam instead of the popular boy. (Ooh, drama.) I … had mixed feelings on her. On the one hand, I liked her. She was strong and independent, but still very believable as a character (and reminiscent to a person that I know), but I still found myself get increasingly frustrated with her.

As for the schizophrenia portion, I can’t really weigh in on the authenticity. From my perspective, it seemed well-written and, quite frankly, scary. Really step back and thinking about it, it gave me chills. And the fact that real people live with this and have no cure … it’s crazy and horrifying. But, I suppose, all of that to say … it made for a good story.

I would definitely read another book by this author! Words on Bathroom Walls wasn’t entirely my favorite book … but I still enjoyed reading it and am now ready to watch the movie!

So what has been up? It’s been a hot second. I’ve not really had much going on … I’ve been bingeing Gilmore Girls and reading through my Organic Chemistry textbook … but not really much is new 😂 How has 2021 been treating you all? And, to get back to the post topic, have you read/watched Words on Bathroom Walls?

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