So, I assume you came here to get to know me. Well, you came to the right place!

If you’re interested, my other blog is writinganyone. I also am a part of a group blog with a bunch of awesome girls, Girls Living for God’s Glory, please check it out!

Anywho, I’m a bookworm (big time!) and I hope to satisfy (well, more leave them craving for more) bookworms with books of my own. And in case that’s not clear, I want to be an author.

I’m a homeschooled fourteen year old who firmly believes in the Father above. I’m the second kid out of six (three girls, three boys). I’m a “teeny” bit a nerd. And if you get into a conversation about superheroes, a movie/show I like, or mostly Doctor Who, beware! I will never stop talking, er, typing about it!

I hope you enjoy me, my reviews, and the books I review! You’d better, or else…

If you would like to give me a book title (or book, your choice!) you want me to read and review, drop a comment or contact me. I love hearing from all my minions!

Please comment or contact me! I love hearing from many different people and making new friends (’cause believe it or not, I’m very shy in life, yet the digital world I’m pretty social).

Oh, and BTW, my name is Alyssa!

Why I write reviews like I do.

I don’t know, but I just wanted to answer this question.
I like to write longer or “in-depth” reviews. Which means that my reviews end up being a whopper of a thing… So split up my reivews into seperate categories (What I thought, Characters, Writing/Plot, Problems, Other/Summary), so that you can skip to whichever section at your leisure!
The books that I like to read are fantasy, sci-fi, and occasionally dystopian (a lot of times, these books are Christian). More than not, if I’ve read a popular book, I won’t write a review unless it is highly controversial. I like to get lesser know books out there.
So there you go, the end of my rant! 🙂 Please check out my Central Station (where I’ve spent a LOT of time compling my reivews into neat sections.


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