TRAITOR TO THE THRONE … Basically My Flailings Over It (Blog Tour!!)

Hello my dear and lovely friends!! Today is a very special day because...   It's Valentine's Day!! The day that I always forget that it is here/what it is about. (Yes, I am single. Why do you ask?) But I know a girl who's birthday is today, so happy birthday, my lovely! Anyways. There is... Continue Reading →


The Raven Cycle Book Tag

Hello, friends! So. I stole a tag from PaperFury. (Quite the often occurence, I know. But hey - what can I say? I've got super sticky fingers, and PaperFury leaves lots of crumbs lying around...) What is the tag, you ask? Well, I'm glad that you most absolutely did ask. It is the (The) Raven... Continue Reading →

The Cresswell Plot ~ Review

So hello, everyone!! I am back here with another review by yours truly. Though it was fun to dip my toes in the romance/contemporary pool with last week's post (right here), I think that I shall get back to my creepy/fantasy books, thank-you-very-much. Well. That means that today's review (as that I am sure that... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Book-Inspired Music

Ahh, I can hear you all groaning internally. 😉 (I know that you're not!) Yes, I'm back this week. And this time with music. Yes, shocker. (P.S. We should get rid of post titles, it TOTALLY destroyed my big reveal.) Anyways. Today I have brought you a new post bearing two things: my favorite music... Continue Reading →

Midnight at the Electric – REVIEW

Hello "peoples" of this earth ... if that's indeed what you are! Today I have a book for you that I adored (which really means that you should be worried!) I ALMOST LITERALLY FIGURATIVELY CRIED. (Hey - I've been reading Unfortuate Events. I'm confused with definitions. WHERE'S SNICKET?!?!) Anyways, this is a lovely, bittersweet historical... Continue Reading →

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