One Novella To Rule Them All (Paralyzed Dreams – C.B. Cook)

So, thisĀ isn’tĀ Lord of the Rings (unfortunately I have yet to read past the 1st book…), butĀ Paralyzed DreamsĀ by C.B. Cook – who I know is obsessed with LotR. Hence the post title and LotR pictures. šŸ˜‰

(Also, something cool about this book is that C.B. wrote it for her mom’s birthday, since her mom use to love playing volleyball. šŸ™‚ ) Continue reading


Hello! Shocked to see me? *basks in your awestruck wonder* Ahem. Anyways. Yes, I know that I just posted yesterday, BUT silly me messed up with, um, something and got a little ahead of myself and didn’t check the dates. So, I am now posting today. And there will be nothing this coming Tues. Okay? Okay.

So, that aside, I’m going to be reviewing a book calledĀ EspionageĀ by Morgan Huneke. And this is a companion to the book series (though I’m tagging it as one and the same)Ā Time Captives.

My review for the first book in the series is here, and my review for the second one (on my other blog) is right here (and no, no it did notĀ take forever to find that post because I insisted of searching through all of my posts instead of just using the search thing at the bottom. Ahaha, no. Nope.).

Oh, and, also! (I forgotĀ almost forgot to mention this!) I’m apart of theĀ EspionageĀ blog tour (which I think that I’ve mentioned), and you can find the rest of the blog tour and their interviews/reviews/character spotlights/etc. here. Continue reading