My Personal Pet Peeves

Hey, fam! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Friday! πŸ™‚

My week’s been pretty good, thus far … however, I will be sharing some of my pent-up negativity that I always have on hand! 😁

When reading, we all have the little things that bug us. Be them tropes or grammatical errors (just know that this is the worst of all bookish sins), things drive us crazy. Cause us to put down books.

Of course, being the stubborn Slytetherin that I am, I don’t not finish books. But here are some of the things that gets my blood stirring!!

Almost Swearing/Swearing Substitutes

Typically this is seen in Christian authors writing a secular book. I cannot BEGIN to tell you how much this frustrates me! Like, c’mon, man, either fully commit or don’t at all. (I’m looking at you, Splintered)

To me, it seems like you’re trying to be “cool” or be badass … but are too scared. It just drives ME INSANE.

This can fall into two categories: constantly saying that your character (typically the bad boy or rebel) swore or swore violently, etc. This gets old, fast. Or. They start the first syllable/letters and/or frequently use substitutes. Grrr.

Crossing Fingers When Lying

Maybe this is just me, but lying doesn’t really twist my stomach up. I know – it’s bad. But whatever. So maybe this is why I hate it … but when characters in books cross their fingers when their lying.

I don’t even know why, but it drives me crazy. It doesn’t appease your guilt. Making a silent pact in your head doesn’t make it okay. Saying you don’t really mean it.


Enemies-to-Lovers Trope

Same with Friends-to-Lovers, typically.

I know that I’m quite in the minority for this, but I’m just not a fan. Like, can’t we all just stay stabby with each other for just a little bit longer???

Now, I have read some instances where this has turned out okay for me, but they’re far and few between. (Also, I am much more accepting of instalove, if that puts it into perspective.)

Special Snowflake/Undiscovered Talent

Yes, another famous trope.

Now, this one isn’t always super grating to me … but yeah, it mostly is. I mean, I’m SO through with this. For years, it seemed like every fantasy and dystopian followed along this pattern.

I think, tho, my main problem with it is that the narrators are always stuck-up and whiny. They become privileged, can’t see the obvious, etc.

This ALWAYS happens. #notafan

Everything Left to Interpretation

Now, if you’ve been here long enough, you’ll know that I love open endings. Which, funnily enough, contradicts my personality – I like to know everything about everything. Nothing left to the imagination. Except when it comes to book endings.

So … why did this make it to the list? Well, my dear lovelies. Let me explain. Reason 1: The author just … hasn’t thought up anything. So, why not claim that they were trying to add to the book’s mysteriousness! Eh. Wrong! I hate when this is used as an escape plan!

Reason 2: It has to be done really well. Eleanor and If We Were Villains do it really well. And … I hate to say this … but A Series of Unfortunate Events and it’s endless loose ends. (I simultaneously loved and hated the series for that) But … I don’t know. It can only be little things left undiscovered. You can’t very well tease us and never give us the answer.

So there you go! Some of my bookish pet peeves! What are some things that drive YOU crazy? Do you agree with my list?? Let’s chat!

5 thoughts on “My Personal Pet Peeves

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  1. Haha I’m still mad at Lemony Snicket for just never answering any of our questions. I remember reading the Beatrice Letters (a lil side book) and thinking finally all my questions are going to be answered but… I ended up with even more questions and approximately zero answers πŸ™‚

    Also wow yes please no more special snowflakes. I hate how their specialness can sometimes make them look down on their friends and act all important. Everyone is special ok??

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    1. Haha, yeah. Snicket. Don’t even get me started on him πŸ˜‚ (I have yet to read Beatrice Letters. Is it good??)

      I KNOW. The whole special snowflake thing *shivers* I mean, the ENTITLEMENT. Gah!!!

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  2. Ugh, i’m with you on the first two!
    I don’t like “swearing substitutes” in real life either. I mean, just own it, why don’t you? πŸ˜€ Or say something nice instead.
    The finger crossing thing… well, maybe for a 5 year old it’s fine? But anyone older is just ridiculous.

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