Books With a Dark Academia Feel

This is sort of a "if you like this, then maybe you'll like this" kind of thing. But not. These books all seem kind of unrelated, but, to me, they give off the same vibes. So ... I really have no idea how to encapsulate this feeling I get when reading these books into words,... Continue Reading →

Books With Better Sequels

Okay. Let's be real. Sometimes - though it is very far and few between - we like the sequels better than the first book. On the off chance that this happens, we really want to scream it from the mountaintops, right? Because we aren't able to pass up this anomaly. So here I am today,... Continue Reading →

The Best Sub-Genre

Alright, folks. This is another one of my infamous late-night posts. Or *coughs* a "discussion" post. anyways. This one is inspired by Romanov and Fawkes by Nadine Brandes. Now, what do those two books have in common? (other than being by the same author, ahem) THEY'RE BOTH HISTORICAL FANTASY. Dudes. I LOVE historical fantasy. It's... Continue Reading →

Books I Don’t Talk Enough About

Hey fam! Wassup??? Anyways! Today is a post that I know you are all DYING for. Why? Because I wrote it. So. Obviously. You can most likely tell from the title that these are books I don't talk about near enough. Funnily enough, all of them except for one are from my 2016 reading year.... Continue Reading →

Books I Will Forever Reread

Hey friends! I hope that you're all having/had a good Friday! I worked, ate food, and read, so pretty chill, haha. Anyways. I don't know about all of you, but I love to reread books. Love it. I love to visit old friends, especially knowing their personal arcs and etc (though that can sometimes be annoying).... Continue Reading →

My Personal Pet Peeves

Hey, fam! Hope everyone's having a fantastic Friday! 🙂 My week's been pretty good, thus far ... however, I will be sharing some of my pent-up negativity that I always have on hand! 😁 When reading, we all have the little things that bug us. Be them tropes or grammatical errors (just know that this... Continue Reading →

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