Vengeful (a sequel filled with hatred)

Yes. I’m back with another VE Schwab book. But listen, okay? They’re fantastic. And I figured that after the fluffiness of Friday’s Valentine’s Day post … I figured that we’d need something slightly more, well, dark.

I guess that I already said this … but today’s review is VE Schwab’s Vengeful (Villains #2). Now, before we begin, I do want to inform you that this review contains unavoidable spoilers. None for Vengeful, but rather for the first book, Vicious. I highly recommend that you just skip this review until you’ve read that first book.

That being said, let’s move on with the murder!

(today’s gifs are courtesy of heroes – one of the best tv shows in existence)

(Reviews: book 1)

Vengeful (Villains, #2)
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For some reason, I thought that I would hate Vengeful. Like, why??? I thought, maybe, that it was all about Marcella and I was NOT about new characters. I’d miss my Victor!! Turns out I was wrong – a very rare occurrence, indeed.

You know how sequels fall flat? Well, this one definitely didn’t. While it wasn’t as completely fabulous as the first, it was still amazing and dark. Loved it.

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Not only are our good ol’ favorite characters brought back, but we are also introduced to some new ones that I surprised myself by liking! The plot was not tiring, which was amaze.


I must admit it – though I am loathe to – but I liked Victor a little less in this. He is completely driven by vengeance (ha haha), and I just didn’t like that as much. In the first book he just didn’t care. He still had a very specific goal in mind, but in this one it just … felt different. Sorry, I don’t quite know how to describe it. However, he was still absolutely amazing and slightly psychopathic.

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Eli. Whoaaa buddy. People, at least so I’ve heard, have said that this book makes you like (or at least understand) Eli more. Well, that’s kinda true. Maybe I didn’t learn to like Eli, but perhaps I learned to like to hate him more?? I also really enjoyed getting to see some flashbacks of his childhood, getting more of a scope on his life. Def-in-ite-ly interesting.

Dom had more page time! I am completely thrilled about that! He was probably my favorite character from the whole book, the little tormented angel. Syd was fantastic as ever, if a little moody. June was definitely an interesting character who I had NOT expected … but actually enjoyed!

Marcella was … I don’t know. I liked her at first; a whole lot. But as it went on … I liked her less and less until the end where I was just like eh, go off and disappear for all I care.

(my sister also pointed out that I forgot to mention Dol in my first review … so I am here to say that he is complete and utter fabulousness)


I’ll admit, after I found out that the book wasn’t all about Marcella, I thought that it would somewhat be a repeat of the first book, plot-wise. Well, in some ways it was, but in others definitely not. What do I mean by that? Let’s find out. 😉

It was still a cat and mouse chase game (where the cat and mouse, well, chase each other). Yet that didn’t grow tiresome. We’re watching to evil geniuses slowly circle each other. I loved it.

But that wasn’t the main plot point. I don’t want to give a whole bunch away, but Marcella and June and all the other Evos become quite important and there is lots of blood and extreme smartness going on.

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We also keep up that fabulous writing and style from the first book, constantly jumping back and forth in time while being submerged in Schwab amazingness.


A lil’ bit of head-hopping. STILL. I’m sorry, guys! This is one of my biggest pet peeves in books, so I couldn’t let it get away! Still, it wasn’t as bad as in the first one (which honestly wasn’t that big of a deal).

Marcella is kind of a con for me. At first, I loved her and she was amazing … but as time went on, I was completely done. Her chapters were boring and I found her goals tiresome.

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The book wasn’t quite as engaging as in the first one (I know; I shouldn’t care! But still!).


Definitely still a dark and gory book. If you have a weak stomach or fragile emotions or are extremely moral, then do not read this. Otherwise, I highly recommend the series! Er, duology.

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It also is categorized as an adult book, but honestly? Even though most of the characters are in their thirties, it doesn’t really come up a lot … and as long as you are a mature reader capable of handling dark stuff, then that adult label doesn’t even matter.

Vengeful repeated many plot points and tactics used in the first book, but was an amazing book, nonetheless! As I said, it is still as gritty as the first book AND it does contain some heartbreaking scenes. Go in being prepared. Or don’t. (there will be tears)

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Now, I hope that you’ve headed my warning and that if you’ve made it this far then you’ve read Vicious! So. How’d you like it? WASN’T IT FANTABULOUS. And for those who have read Vengeful: LETTUCE DISCUSS ALL THE THINGS. I MUST FANGIRL.

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  1. Umm I kinda read the review even though I haven’t read the first book… yes, I am a rebel. But if I do ever read this series then I probably would’ve forgotten what you’ve said in this review because I don’t know any of the characters so I didn’t feel like anything was spoiled! Hehe. But I really should read a Schwab book at some point because they are raaaaved about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao, you are SUCH a rebel! 😉 But I understand your point! That’s how I feel, too, haha

      Yes, though! You should definitely read a Schwab book! (I’d suggest starting with A Darker Shade of Magic … it’s fab) It is, like, one time where I feel that the hype is lived up.

      Liked by 1 person

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