Vengeful (a sequel filled with hatred)

Yes. I'm back with another VE Schwab book. But listen, okay? They're fantastic. And I figured that after the fluffiness of Friday's Valentine's Day post ... I figured that we'd need something slightly more, well, dark. I guess that I already said this ... but today's review is VE Schwab's Vengeful (Villains #2). Now, before... Continue Reading →

Vicious (“heroes” book told by … villains)

Hey friends! Hope that you're all doing well! (and not dead with stress ... because that would be unfortunate) As I'm sure that you've discovered by the title, I have an extra-special review for you all. Not only is Vicious (VE Schwab, Villains #1) a superhero book - which are def rare - but it... Continue Reading →

Blank Mastermind (amnesiac review)

Okay, no, no. I'm not getting super forgetful or anything, I just thought that it seemed funny (kinda) and totally appropriate for today's review. What am I reviewing, you ask???? Rosey Mucklestone's newest book, Blank Mastermind. I'm gonna give you the synopsis real quick (from GR), because it is just that good. Amnesia is annoying.... Continue Reading →

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