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Recently I decided to look into the endless abyss of my post drafts and GOOD GRIEF there’s a ton in there 😛 Anyways, there are a few reviews that I never quite got around to finishing … so here’s the first of those!

Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco is the fourth and final installment in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series. Of course, like practically everyone else, I have adored her series from the start. It is a historical fiction young adult novel that ties in historical events, muuurder mysteries, and romance. Basically, it equals perfection.

So, it is with great excitement and many tears that I bring you this review. 🙃

Capturing the Devil (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #4)
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Ah. The conclusion to a series. An era, it almost feels like.

I have such love for this series! I’ve been along for the ride ever since Stalking Jack the Ripper was first released AND OH MY LOVE. I have had my ups and downs with the series… but I’ve also grown with it. :’)

NOW. Before I get too mushy, let’s actually talk books.

As the conclusion of the quartet, CtD focuses a lot more on tying up loose ends from the previous books and the emotional/personal journeys of Thomas and Audrey Rose. I had wished there was a little bit more plot versus the murder feeling a little swept under the rug … but overall it was pretty enjoyable. 😀

There is lots of emotional drama, of course. The banter between Thomas and Audrey Rose IS TO DIE FOR, OML. I also loved having Liza in it more. As I said, the book was less plot-driven and more-character driven. Or rather, more nostalgia-driven, if that makes sense.

Still, I loved seeing our characters dazzle and shine. Thomas is a bit moody once again, and Audrey Rose can become erratic and jump to the conclusions. This just helps to humanize them, though! We also got a small cameo of Mephistopheles, whom I adore 😍

The stakes are also very high in this conclusion! (I mean, they IT IS a murder mystery book, so they usually are…) I was very invested and quite frequently emotional/distraught.

While most of the book was a little slow-paced (I still loved experiencing Chicago and Audrey Rose’s new friendships), the final quarter was action-packed and got my heart racing! I’ve always loved reading about the Murder Hotel, so Miss Maniscalco’s take on it was enjoyable 🙂

The final final conclusion (yes, there are multiple 🙃) was a little … dissatisfying for me? I can’t exactly explain why. It felt a little bit disjointed from what I thought Audrey Rose and Thomas and all the other characters would do … but ig I’m not the author. I still liked it and after thought, I came to actually enjoy it. 🙂

Overall, it wasn’t my favorite of the series and I felt the plot could have used some more action … but I rather enjoyed it! Many will find the ending satisfying, and I really did believe it summed up the series well.

Please give this series a try! It is absolutely phenomenal. 🙂

Has anyone else read this series? Finished the final book (cue tears)? Thoughts?? I hope everyone has been doing well during this whole COVID stuff and have been able to read lots 🙂

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