Capturing the Devil | review | Kerri Maniscalco

Good morning, everyone! ❤ (side thought ... I'm really craving some OJ right now...) Recently I decided to look into the endless abyss of my post drafts and GOOD GRIEF there's a ton in there 😛 Anyways, there are a few reviews that I never quite got around to finishing ... so here's the first... Continue Reading →

Edgy Books for those who Like Living on the Edge

Hello, lovelies! This post is for all of you who like those dark badboys and gothic settings. Questionable morals. Leather jackets and thorns. Lol. But really! I love love love all of the aforementioned cliches, and I really hope that you do, too! If you are on my good list (aka, love all of the... Continue Reading →

book tag (disney princesses)

Hey guys! So as you can see, I'm doing a tag today! I don't usually do a whole bunch of tags, but they're super fun! Today's is Disney Princesses, rounding up thirteen of them. I stole the tag from Simi, if you want to check out her post. But I'm sure that you all must... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Debuts

Hey guys and gals! I hope that everything is doing well! I'm fantastic! Only two days left of school this year and I'm feeling great. 😎 So. Today's list-y post is all about my fav debuts. I know, I know I said "Most Beautiful," but whatever. It's my post, I can change the rules, lol. But... Continue Reading →

My Halloween TBR (and guest…)

This is my TBR pile for october! Now, tbh, I'll probably not get to them all/read other books (*cough* binge harry potter *cough*) but whatever. And for those of you who don't have/celebrate Halloween, my deepest condolences. (I have had some killer costumes ... and, you know, spooky books) BUT FEAR NOT. These are equally... Continue Reading →

My 5 Favourite Dark and Beautiful Boys

Think tragedy. Tall, dark, and handsome. The guys your mom wouldn't want you to hang around with. Fictional, of course. I love the fictional characters that are the tragic geniuses or the misunderstood bad boys. They're such a cliche, but I love them. So that's what this list is complied of! The literary Tony Starks... Continue Reading →

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