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First off, sorry for kind of disappearing for literally forever. Literally. This summer has had many high points, but also loads of low ones. So life’s been crazy. (also prepping for college is insane) And! Internet sucks. Like, I’ve tried to binge-watch The Office, but have only gotten through season three. Hopefully, though, our internet will be fixed – the smart, internet-y person is coming this afternoon, so … fingers crossed.

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Secondly! Something is happening to me. If you haven’t noticed the common thread amongst all of my most recent reviews … I’m becoming a fan of contemporaries and awkward/cute romances.

I just … I dunno. My life is crumpling before my eyes?? idek.

So. Today’s review, keeping up with that trend, is Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi. It is a YA (almost NA?) adorkable romance … I hope you all like the review + the book!

Emergency Contact
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Okay. This is, like, the peak of Cute-meets-Awkward, and I am just total heart eyes over it.

Sam is a total freakin’, gorgeous mess. Gah. I’ll fangirl over him more in just a sec. BUT ALSO PENNY. She’s, like, so relateable? Though this sounds awful, there really isn’t all that much special about her, lmao. But somehow that made her all the better. I also completely melted over Jude. I MEAN, THAT GURL.

But yeah. This whole book is total awkward/dorkiness while managing to slip in real stuff. Big stuff. Important stuff. And I can totally relate to Penny. 100% The whole book felt like slipping into a comfy, worn out sweater. If that makes sense. Totally familiar, but still something to look forward to. (pls tell me someone else can relate, lol)

I read this in basically one sitting. Got in from the library. Decided – on a whim – to start it while eating dinner around 7. I ended up slipping into bed 8ish and read til 3 in the morning. WITHOUT STOPPING. I NEVER DO THAT ANYMORE. So yeah. It was a real refresher.

Something just kept dragging me back in. The characters were completely fab, but the writing was also stellar. Very light … but not. I flew through it – both literally and figuratively – and yes. I am just in love.

And now I want Ms Choi to finish her next. book. this. instant.

(that cover is also to die for, amiright???)


Let’s start with Penny.

Her mom was a young mom. Is kinda a wreck and acts like a teenager. So, of course, Penny has matured real fast. We start off with her going to college, anxious to start her own life. (but, of course, things don’t go as planned…)

Penny is just relateable af. She’s totally shy one minute, blabbering the next. Dork/clumsy and social awkward. A little clueless at times. A MAJOR INTROVERT. is basically a chill expert. I think that everyone can find a little sliver of her to relate. (she also gave me so many LOL moments, both “that’s so me” and “oof, giiiirl”)


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SAM. MY LOVE ❤ He, on the exterior, is totally put together and is a grunge-looking hipster who is all tatted up and is very easy to get along with. Inside, however, his is an anxious little mess who likes to film videos and bakes. HE IS JUST THE CUTEST, OKAY. THIS IS MY FAVORITE QUOTE, I HOPE IT HELPS YOU TO UNDERSTAND.

“Maybe they could be friends when she was old enough to count a actual person. Perhaps when she was twenty five and he is twenty eight or twenty nine could be the cool, older guy-pal who would give her tax advice and beat the living daylights out of any age appropriate boy friend who mistreated her. Or at least, glare at her in a menacing way.”

Or this gem, courtesy of Penny:

“Penny silent-screamed” 

Yeah. It’s a great book.

I also loved Jude! She’s the super bubbly roommate that Penny gets and leads her to her connection with same. But you know what? Sometimes I got annoyed with her. She felt a little cliched. Then the author completely dropped a bomb on us at the end which completely changed my whole perspective of her (in a believable way), and I actually viewed her as a person, lol.

(i also surprised myself and loved mallory + lor


I think that I’ve already touched on the writing, BUT I WAS A MASSIVE FAN.

It is dual narrated by Penny and Sam, alternating every chapter. I liked this! It gave me predictability, which I love, and a sort of steadiness.

Sam’s storyline is very … touchy, I guess. Very big. He’s homeless (kinda) and is overworking himself. Add stress aaaaand BOOM. Instant anxiety. But does he let anyone on (including himself)? Aha ha. No. He is all very precious and pure. His story was one that, maybe isn’t an everyday occurrence (at least to me + my circle), it was still relateable.

Penny’s is one so painfully awkward, it’s just one big oof and same. She’s also an aspiring writer and, tbh? I wish that it wasn’t even there. Felt like it didn’t add to the story, which sounds kind of awful, but it just didn’t fit imo. Felt like something entirely separate.

Also. Nearly the whole thing is written in a text sort of format. And it’s soooo fun. Makes the book fly by and even more relateable to the younger generations. However, I wasn’t all in love with it, but more on that in just a sec.


OKay. The whole texting thing. This is sooooo a personal preference … so just warn yourself.

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I usually avoid books that include texting, because they give me so much anxiety just reading them. (anxiety. whoop.) So I was very nervous to pick this up whEN THE WHOLE FRIKKIN MARKETING IS THAT IT’S TEXTING. WHELP. Obviously I loved it … but the texting freaked me out a hella ton and I, while laughing, was dying on the inside. It lost a star for that. AGAIN. Total personal issue!

But yeah. Other than that … there really wasn’t much that I disliked. I mean, how the story line progressed sorta bothered me, but it fit well with the story and was dealt well and stuff. So.


Overall, I absolutely adored this book. It is the perfect meld between cute romance, and painfully awkward reality. PLUS A DUDE THAT BAKES. I MEAN, BE STILL MY BEATING HEART 😍😍

My main issue with it was completely personal. I really didn’t have much against it.

OF COURSE I AM TOTALLY RECOMMENDING IT. It is an absolute gem. Awkward romance + food. Even if you’re not normally a fan of YA romance, you should give it a shot.

On another note, I liked the age of this book. Penny is a freshman and Sam has graduated, so they’re not the typical 16&18 or 17&19 ages that we normally see, and I felt it was more relateable than a lot of books in YA. Sam is struggling to find housing and hold his job, Penny is starting college. I am just a big fan.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

How about all of you? Are you fans of YA? NA? MG? Adult? I love YA + NA loads and loads, haha. I’m also *hides* becoming a massive fan of contemporaries. What is happening to me?!

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  1. Contemporaries are just so comfortable so I definitely get why you’re getting into them! I love that this book is more on the awkward and relatable side. I’ll definitely check it out!

    Also loving the baby Harry Potter GIFs ❤ I just rewatched all the HP films and can never get over how adorable they are in the early films!! 😥

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    1. I know, I’m loving them so so much more now that life is stressful and I just want happy stories 😂

      I’m so ready to rewatch the Harry Potters! I reread them all last year … but its been some time since I’ve seen them. My boyfriend hasn’t watched/read them, so I’m planning on making him watch them with me sometime soon 😛

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