How To Fit in More Reading Time (a guide)

Good news, folks! My internet is fixed!! Yes, yes, I am quite ecstatic.

Now, obviously I read a lot and am a great read and am just a super awesome person (there’s no denying it) … so being the malevolent nice human that I am, I decided to share some tips and tricks into getting more reading time in.

Because, you’re welcome.

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Read While in the Car

Red lights are a lifesaver. You can fit in a page or two in at those particularly long or annoying intersections. Makes the drive go by faster. Also! I have found that long stretches of straight road (or slightly curvy) make great reading times. Seeing while driving is a thing of the past!

And this one isn’t just for you who have your license – if you are a passenger, you can read as well! As long as you don’t get motion sickness. But if a sibling or parent is carting you to and from school or extracurriculars or whatevs, get in those reading mins!

In the Baaaaaathroom

Wanna really annoy the fam? Take a book to the toilet and let those legs go numb!

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Or if you want to get really adventurous … read in the bath. I mean, that’s a littleย too crazy for me. Don’t want to accidentally destroy one of my books or fall asleep in a particularly boring section. No. thank. you. I’ll just stick to reading in the shower.

(bonus: you can also hide out in the bathroom, tucked away in a clean corner – if such a thing exists. I highly recommend this one)

Get Grounded

Now, this one is more highly advanced for two reasons: 1) You must still live in your parents house and fall under the age of being grounded and 2) You must not be grounded from books.

If you happen to check off both of those requirements, then you’re golden.

With you pressure of socializing or fulfilling basic human courtesies, your schedule will be quite free for reading.


Now, finally – and this might be the most obscure one – audiobooks.

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These genius little things can be taken anywhere, if you have a phone. If not? You can listen to them old fashion-like on a computer. Now if you want to go ANCIENT? Pop a CD into a radio and boom, instant entertainment.

You can listen to audiobooks while driving, working, sleeping… the possibilities are really quite endless!!!

Well I hope that you guys didn’t get TOO disappointed in the lack of seriousness in this post! I just felt like being mega goofy, lmao. So. What’s going with all of you lovelies? I’d love to chat! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Hahaha I love this post! An ebook is super helpful too like if youโ€™re in a long queue just BAM whip out your phone and squeeze in some reading time. But yeah I think I read the most while Iโ€™m driving. One hand holding the book, one holding the wheel, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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