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Hey friends! How are you all doing? Good, I hope!

Anyways, today I am reviewing a book. But not just any book. The 1001 paged tome The Way of Kings written by Brandon Sanderson. I’m sure that most of you know about it, have heard of it, or read it. But for those of you who don’t know…

The Way of Kings is an epic fantasy that mainly follows three peeps: Dalinar (really important dude), Kaladin (less important dude), and Shallan (thief-turned-scholar who loves jam) in their many endeavors.

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About sums it up? great. Enjoy my review. 😛

The Way of Kings (The Stormlight Archive, #1)
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I’m gonna start off with saying that I started reading this book because one of my friends ADORES this and he’s been pestering me for a while about it. (I’ve also seen it around the blogisphere) So when I started reading it, I wasn’t necessarily “into” it. Also, less then two weeks later I left for a two week international mission trip. When I got back, I didn’t really read it for earnest. And I have to say, that not really reading this book for “realsies” really hurt me liking it in the beginning … I felt like it was just a chore to be done.

But then I decided that, hey, I’m gonna give this book a real shot. Because I think that all books deserve that. So for the final four hundred pages I read the book to read it, not to just get it done to brag or to get my friend to stop nagging (love you, man!).

Then I loved it.

And that, friends, is my mini rant. Always give books the chance that they deserve. Let me step off my soapbox now. 🙂

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That was my first thought of this book (as seen by my Goodreads updates). And yet, I love this. It thrust us into this well-thought-out world where the plants and reigning systems are different. People are different. It doesn’t hold our hand and walk us through, as many fantasies tend to do. And I so appreciated that. It lets us figure things out at our own pace.

This book is one that just sticks with you. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent reading it (aha, it was a looooot), but I also can’t measure how many I spent thinking about (not near as much, lol XD ). I loved it.

PLus, I loved Kaladin & Shallan.

Like I said above in my lil’ rant, once I actually gave the book a chance, I was enthralled. I even almost cried! Ack!

(Srsly, though. The battle scene at the end… I usually hate them, but I was tearing up!!!)

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Our three main narrators are: Kaladin, Dalinar, Shallan. We also have quite a few other narrators, most only for one of the “interlude” chapters.

KALADIN. OOOOOH MY GOSH. I can’t even explain why, but I’ve loved him all the way from the beginning. There’s just something so … magnetizing about him. I found myself always looking forward to his chapters and I was very invested in his storyline. He has depression/bi-polar (not quite sure … it was never fully addressed) and Mr Sanderson did a great job writing that. And Kaladin was just very complex, all of his chapters adding to his arc, even in small ways. And seeing his personality being slowly built … it was just so cool.

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me and kaladin

Dalinar, I’ll admit, was not my fav. I trudged through his chapters. Perhaps it was because I felt that every chapter was a repeat of the one prior (though Kaladin’s were in a similar fashion … so maybe not). But I think a main reason was that I just plain didn’t like Dalinar. Many aspects of his personality bothered me … getting under my skin.

However, I really enjoyed Shallan. She’s one of the few girls in the book, and I just … yes. She didn’t have a whole lot of page time, but she managed to be my second favorite character. I’ll admit, her personality was weak in the beginning, but I loved seeing her grow and learn.

Jasnah is AWESOME. Kinda standoffish?? I ABSOLUTELY HATED NAVANI. DEATH TO HER. Adolin was so-so. I didn’t feel particularly strong about him either way. Shin annoyed me at some points, but I can’t wait to get more from him!


aHAHAHAHAAh. 1001 pages of story. That’s as many pages as there are Arabian Nights. It’s a lot, folks.

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I’ll admit (and my parents laughed at this), the book really didn’t get interesting until maybe 700 pages in. 700. I’ve heard that the other books pick up … but it was soooo slooow. And yet??? it was super good.

(Whyyyy, though? If you’re going to have a huge book, why make it not get interesting until the end? #confused )

The writing is reminiscent of “classical” writing. It’s dense, but descriptive. Everything meanders at a leisurely pace, but managed to still hold my interest. It was just written SO. WELL. PEEPS.


Like I said, it’s very slow paced. Nothing really happens for 700 pages.


Image result for lord of the rings gifs boring

I can be kind of confusing and large-scale (the last part really isn’t so bad, I actually enjoyed it).

Really, there wasn’t a lot of dislikes for me.


Give this book a chance, and it’ll (most likely) pay off. SUPER GOOD; love the writing and some of the characters; highly enjoyed it. Just a little slow and slim on the plot.

But for those of you (epic) fantasy lovers, this book would definitely be for you! I highly recommend!

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There is some violence; nothing too graphic, though. (i am slightly disappointed??)

Overall, LOVED IT.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

What are some epic fantasies that YOU loved? What are some books that took you a bit to get into … but you ended up loving? I’d love to chat with all of you! 😍😍

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  1. Damn, the last time I read a book with 1000+ pages was the third book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and that’s just because I gave up on reading the rest until the last book comes out—which apparently won’t happen for another ten years or something. BUT ANYWHO! Really glad you enjoyed this book, I’m planning on giving Sanderson’s Mistborn series a try this year and if I end up loving it you can rest assured that I WILL ADD THIS TO MY TBR! ’cause if his writing captivates me, I’m sure I’ll be able to dig into this beast some day!

    Great review! x

    ~L. @ Reviews by Leeve

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I realized that I had never responded to your comment??? I think??? Oops. Anyways, hi! I’m actually just about to read that series … a little daunting, haha. I know, though, that it takes him FOREVER to finish a book! (which is understandable, i mean, he is writing tomes … but still 😂)

      I haven’t read Mistborn … but I’ve heard plenty of good things! Hope that you love it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 1001 pages? WHAT?!! And it’s part of a series? There are more monsters? That is insane. How did you cope??

    Love the whole ‘give every book a chance’! Obviously some books aren’t suited for us, but they were published for a reason…

    I really enjoyed this review by the way! And very much appreciate the LotR ❤ I’m too scared to pick up that trilogy and you’re reading 1000 page tomes!! Crazy 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea. It’s huge. I’m reading the second book right now and it’s 1087 pages. *dies*

      Yea, I’ve quit some books too early (later to read them again) and I loved them later.

      Thanks!!!! I love LotR and with the epic fantasy and all it just fit… 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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