It ’tis life!! (but … not good??)

Today’s book is a virtual reality book called The Game (bk 1 in The Game is Life) by Terry Schott. Oh, and, hi!!


Terry Schott - The Game.jpgThe Game…
A virtual reality simulation played by over a billion children around the world. The best players are celebrities, adored and worshiped by countless fans. Zack is a superstar among players.
His final play may change the world, forever…







What I thought:

Wow. That description was a little short.

I got the ebook of this from Amazon when it was free, and I was really excited to read this. I love the whole virtual reality stuff, and this looked pretty interesting. (And the cover looks pretty cool.) But, I must say, I was tremendously disappointed. Why? Well, I’ll go more in detail below.

But, I just …. I dunno. I didn’t like it. Though the ending left off with a pretty big cliff-hanger (though I know how it’s going to be resolved? I don’t know how that’s still a cliff-hanger, but it is…), and that was the only reason that I was going to read the next series. But after reading a post by author Nadine Brandes (you can find it here), I decided that I didn’t really enjoy the first book, and that I didn’t want to waste my precious reading time on a book that I didn’t even want to be reading. (Sorry all you other bookworms, but I may just Wikipedia the rest of the books.)


Yeah… I didn’t like the writing. At all. I just couldn’t get into it, and I don’t feel that it was the best.

But I really liked the plot, at least, in the beginning. It kinda lost me towards the middle/end, and basically stopped making sense.


I liked Zack. Annnnnd that’s basically it. I didn’t like Trew (Zack’s “game self’). I didn’t like Danni or Alex (the same people). And nobody else. Yep.


Just cause it’s easier to make lists for things I don’t like, that’s what I’m going to do!

  1. I didn’t like the writing.
  2. Or the characters.
  3. There was the use of d***m, and a lot of using God’s name in vein (especially as the book progressed).
  4. I didn’t like how the story progressed (which leads into the next one).
  5. I hated how Terry Schott presented religion. (Basically saying that we all worship some big super computer, and we’re all imbeciles. And it just felt to me that it was an attack on all religions.)
  6. Somewhere during the middle of the book, it seemed that everything revolved around attacking religions, and raising a cult-like thing.
  7. The POV made no sense. Originally it started with Zack in the third-person, and then it went to basically every other person (after at least ten chapters of just Zack, and everyone else got not even a full chapter). And it kept switching between first-person and third-person. Some of the POVs you had no idea who they were. You didn’t even know there name!
  8. And the worst one: you know that awesome cover? Well, it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STORY!!!!


So, this was a less the stellar book for me. It seemed that everything revolved around how little religious people know, and creating this cult-like religion (though they go against religion??). The writing wasn’t great, and the characters were highly annoying.

I don’t think that I’d recommend this. (But if you did read this, then at least be a teenager, cause there’s a lot of things that are hard to follow and/or understand.) But I’m giving this two stars, purely for the idea.

(Though if any of you ARE interested in the book, I’m pretty sure that it’s still free on Amazon.)

Two Stars∗∗

I guess that every book can’t be brilliant… Do you have any books that severely disappointed you? Tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “It ’tis life!! (but … not good??)

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  1. Wow, thanks for this. I won’t be reading it… *cue sighing because that’s an awesome cover and it doesn’t have to do with the story?!?*

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  2. AGH. This sounds awful. D: I hate confusing stories and I really don’t like it when books have a tantrum over religion and just start dissing it for no real reason. It feels really immature/petty to me almost?! Anyway. I think the POVs sound the worst with that all-over-the-place-ness. I won’t be reading this one. XD

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