A Cold Enemy Rises from a Long Sleep

Hello, my minions!! (Man, I really need to find a new way to start a post, other then saying hello in multiple ways/languages)

Today I am reviewing Xsardis, the final book in the Chronicles of Xsardis, by Jessie Mae Hodsdon.

(You can find my first two reviews here: Issym and here: Asandra.)


Jessie Mae Hodsdon - Xsardis Neither defeating a dragon nor dueling a shape shifter could have prepared Seth for the staggering deaths at the battle of Maremoth. Since that day, everything has changed in the land of his imagination. Revival sweeps Asandra. The people have returned to the true king. Sasha’s forces lay dormant. But nothing is as it seems.

With one last thrust, Sasha searches for invincibility. Forced to join with another enemy to stop the relentless shifter, Seth will once again risk everything to follow God and save Xsardis. Twists and turns threaten to divide close friends. While the joint armies of Issym and Asandra battle a mysterious new adversary, loyalties will be strained as never before.

In this conclusion to the Xsardis Chronicles, Seth must unravel the lore of Issym and Asandra or watch them collapse. Imagination has never been a more potent weapon.

~From Goodreads

What I thought:

So I have to say, that this was my favorite book of the trilogy. There’s more action, and it’s more exciting/fast paced/the improved writing/etc. I’m not quite sure what I can say without spoilers…

The Dark Sprites (I’m gonna call them that because I can’t remember what they are actually called), definitely made this a more intense/darker book the the prior ones.

I was pretty engaged throughout the book (though the characters still weren’t my favorite)


Well, the writing had improved over the last two books, but it still wasn’t my favorite.

But I really did like the plot, keeping it at a nice, fast pace that, for the most part, kept me engaged.


Again, there’s the spoiler problem here. So let’s see…

I was still indifferent to Seth. He was trying to deal with the cliff hanger of bk 2, so that made his character a little more likable.

And I still wasn’t fond of Kat … but don’t worry! There were still characters that I liked! Such as Edmund, Sasha, Nadine, Dark Sprites…


The writing had definitely improved, though it still carried some of the problems of the prior two. Also I found that I didn’t really care for the characters, save the villains. I mean, I could care less if Seth died! (Or maybe that’s just my personality…)


So this book still wasn’t stellar for me, but I also feel that this was the best out of the trilogy.

As the others, this would be fine for younger kids (maybe eightish up?). Now this one did have a little more violence (it was described a hair more, but not much). And there were some intense/darker scenes then the first two, but still not too bad.

And if this series has struck your fancy, then go for it! Just because this wasn’t my favorite series, doesn’t mean you won’t like it!

Two stars ∗∗


So, what’d you think of this review? The conclusion of this trilogy? Have you even been slightly interested in this series? Let me know in the comments!! 😀


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