Books With a Dark Academia Feel

This is sort of a "if you like this, then maybe you'll like this" kind of thing. But not. These books all seem kind of unrelated, but, to me, they give off the same vibes. So ... I really have no idea how to encapsulate this feeling I get when reading these books into words,... Continue Reading →

Edgy Books for those who Like Living on the Edge

Hello, lovelies! This post is for all of you who like those dark badboys and gothic settings. Questionable morals. Leather jackets and thorns. Lol. But really! I love love love all of the aforementioned cliches, and I really hope that you do, too! If you are on my good list (aka, love all of the... Continue Reading →


Hiya friends! Now, if you've at all waded into the YA/NA corner of the blogisphere, I'm sure that you've heard of VE Schwab. Or if you've been around here long enough, I'm sure that you know that I love VE Schwab. (Thanks Cait and Jess for introducing me to her books!) Well. Like two months... Continue Reading →

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