Books I Will Forever Reread

Hey friends! I hope that you're all having/had a good Friday! I worked, ate food, and read, so pretty chill, haha. Anyways. I don't know about all of you, but I love to reread books. Love it. I love to visit old friends, especially knowing their personal arcs and etc (though that can sometimes be annoying).... Continue Reading →

PS I Still Love You |review| Jenny Han

Haha, I was just going through ANOTHER reread of Jenny Han's To All the Boys trilogy and realized that I hadn't yet reviewed books two and three. So here we are! This is a review for PS I Still Love You, which is book two. It's also getting a movie in 2020 (they just finished... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Me! (If you dare…)

Hiya, guys! Who's excited for Easter break? (Please tell me that you have an Easter break...) I got double tagged for the Liebster tag (by sisters, nonetheless!). I usually don't do tags on here ... but April's been a crazy month and guess who isn't on top of their blogging schedule? Aha ha, certainly not... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Sup my dudes! I have a book tag comin' at ya! As you can, obviously, tell it is Beauty and the Beast (stolen from Book Loving Nut). Now, if you don't know, I LOVE Beauty and the Beast! Both the original and the new. If you haven't seen one or both, GO WATCH THEM NOW. I... Continue Reading →

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