Decree (assassin book take five)

So how's it goin'? Of course, you won't respond right away because you'll read the entire post. *cackles at use of "subliminal" messaging ­čśł * Lol. Hope that you're all well! School's good. Work's good. Your enemies are dead. Life is good. You may recognize the book series today if you are slightly rebellious and... Continue Reading →

Deliver by Tricia Mingerink ~ Review :'(

Guys. I think that you remember the books that I reviewed: The Blades of Acktar (Dare, Deny, Defy, Destroy)? Well TODAY is the release day of the final book: Deliver by Tricia Mingerink! Guys, I'm soooo sad. But in honor of that, I'm writing a review for that today! Yay! I hope that y'all enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Indie Books

Hey, peeps!!! I KNOW that last week I hinted at a book that I was going to review ... but it's not happening, plain and simple (like yogurt should be, am I right???). Bam. I'm actually switching up the schedule for this and next week, since it is ... another blog tour! Yes, I KNOW.... Continue Reading →

Another Blog Tour! (and it’s awesome!)

Hey everyone! Guess what?! It's┬áanother blog tour! ­čśŤ Anyways, this is the third book in┬áThe Blades of Acktar┬áby Tricia Mingerink (tied for my favorite author!!!!!!!!):┬áDefy. The first two reviews for the first two books in the series are here: click for book one // click for book two. And click┬áhere┬áfor the rest of the tour!... Continue Reading →

They’re back!!

Hello! I hope 2015 was a great one for you all!! So I had already done a review for this book on my other blog, so if you follow that blog, this is gonna be a repeat. But no harm!! So today is┬áDeny┬á(bk 2 in┬áThe Blades of Acktar) by Tricia Mingerink (one of my favorite... Continue Reading →

Injured in a Blizzard

Hey all of you followers! (and non followers too! ­čśŤ ) I'm back to review the awesome book┬áDare┬á(bk 1 in The Blades of Acktar series)┬áby Tricia Mingerink!! Yay! Courage could cost him everything. Third Blade Leith Torren never questions his orders or his loyalty to King Respen until an arrow wound and a prairie blizzard... Continue Reading →

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