4 Feels That All Bookworms Feel

There are some feelings that everyone can relate to. There just is. But there are also some feels that only bookworms can go: wow, you know me so completely ... are you trying to take over my identity? You know. The usual. (my apologies ... I am tired and it's only 5pm 😂) On a... Continue Reading →

The Great | A Fangirl Discussion

Good morning and Happy Friday! (if it really makes a difference anymore during this stay at home.... 😛) Today is not strictly book-related, but yet here we are! Over last weekend, I binged the show The Great in two days (many of you have probably heard of it!). I am just now coming out of... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Happenings

Very original title, IKR? 😛 I just got out of finals week so give me a break lol. Anyways, I'm sure everybody and their brother is doing quarantine* updates ... so here I am, adding yet another one to the internet! I had fun writing this, so hopefully it's fun to read...? Anyways. I am... Continue Reading →

No Chance Meeting (deleted scene!)

Hey everyone! For all of my eastern America friends, I hope you've been enjoying the chilly weather! AND. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. Is it cheesy? Yes. A commercial holiday? Um, doubly yes. However! I kinda, lowkey love Valentine's Day?? For all of the couples out there - enjoy your cheesy day! For the single's - HAPPY... Continue Reading →

Books I Will Forever Reread

Hey friends! I hope that you're all having/had a good Friday! I worked, ate food, and read, so pretty chill, haha. Anyways. I don't know about all of you, but I love to reread books. Love it. I love to visit old friends, especially knowing their personal arcs and etc (though that can sometimes be annoying).... Continue Reading →

6 Summer Reading Recs

As summer is nearing to a close (no! there's still another whole month yet!), I thought that I would give you a list of summer-ish books to read. How nice am I? For a guide, each book is for a different "summer feel". That is how I remember books, by how they made me feel.... Continue Reading →

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