Crannig Castle – Blog Tour

Hey everyone! So sorry for the later(er) post! Anyways, Today I'm part of the blog tour for Morgan Huneke's newest book, Crannig Castle (the third and final book in the Time Captives series). I'm reviewing it, and I hope that you enjoy it! (P.S. Don't forget to read everyone else's posts!) God, please look after... Continue Reading →



Hello! Shocked to see me? *basks in your awestruck wonder* Ahem. Anyways. Yes, I know that I just posted yesterday, BUT silly me messed up with, um, something and got a little ahead of myself and didn't check the dates. So, I am now posting today. And there will be nothing this coming Tues. Okay?... Continue Reading →

The Experiment

Today is The Experiment by the awesome Morgan Elizabeth Huneke. If you (which you should) read this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! One hundred years in the future… America as we know it today no longer exists. Scientist Holly Reginald and President Malcolm Crowdler have hatched an evil plot to control the... Continue Reading →

Creighton Hill

So, if you guys didn't get it from the title, I'll be reviewing Creighton Hill, bk 1 in the Time Captives trilogy by Morgan Elizabeth Huneke.   “No one can mysteriously disappear leaving no trace. It isn’t realistic.” “You’re right, Emily,” her grandfather said thoughtfully. “It isn’t realistic. However, a good many things happen in this world that... Continue Reading →

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