6 Summer Reading Recs

As summer is nearing to a close (no! there's still another whole month yet!), I thought that I would give you a list of summer-ish books to read. How nice am I? For a guide, each book is for a different "summer feel". That is how I remember books, by how they made me feel.... Continue Reading →

LIGHTPORTER REVIEW (C.B. Cook is basically awesomeness)

Heeeey! Guess what?! Another blog tour!! Whoo! This one is for C.B. Cook's Lightporter. It is the second installment in the IDIA series. I adored the first book. It = everything. My review for Twinepathy can be found here. Lol. Please read it. I like friends. (There's also my old interview with Albany York, so... Continue Reading →

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