Every Move | review | Ellie Marney

Heyyyy friends!!! Hope you all are well!! 😃 Today's review is one of the glorious books I got to read on glorious vacation in the glorious sun. (No, scratch that. I'm a vampire. I don't like the sun.) Every Move (Ellie Marney) is the third and finale installment in the Every series. For real guys,... Continue Reading →

Every Word (Sherlock review Take Two)

I let you in on a little secret. I love Sherlock Holmes, okay? The retelling and movies, the show. I just do. Buuuut I've never finished the books. The young ones? Yeah, sure. But never the original. Oops. But all that to say is that the book I am reviewing today is a (sort of)... Continue Reading →

Every Breath – A Sherlockian Book Review

Hey, folks! How's it going? Read anything good? Anyway. It's review week! This week the lucky book is the first in a trilogy, Every Breath by Ellie Marney. It's an Aussie contemporary Sherlock retelling that I do hope you'll read. Continue and enjoy! ❤ What I liked: So. This isn't, for all extent and purposes,... Continue Reading →

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