I accidentally hated a book ~ Review

So I technically didn't HATE this book ... it just made it sound more dramatic. 😉 And I had to get you to read it somehow, right??? Anyways. Today I'm reviewing the first book in the Unwind Dystology, which is Unwind. This is all written by Neal Shusterman. BTW, I'm writing this at, like, 1 something... Continue Reading →


Beyond the Gateway – Bryan Davis

Heya guys! I FINALLY got to read this book a few weeks back (I'd bought it sometime late winter, I think), and now I'm reviewing it! The book is called Beyond the Gateway (bk 2 in the Reapers Trilogy) by Bryan Davis. Beyond the Gateway is book #2 in The Reapers Trilogy. Reapers collect the... Continue Reading →

Sparrow: Mandy Fender

I'm back this week, with the second book in the Defier series by Mandy Fender (you can find my first review //here//)! And let me tell ya, if you read this book, prepare for an emotional roller-coaster! The fight has only just begun... Lennox Winters is guilty. She stood in defiance against the Regime when... Continue Reading →

My First Read of Miss Mandy Fender

Defier: The Girl Who Stood. Defier #1. Mandy Fender. Review. Awesomeness. A Young Adult novel inspired by Christian bravery. When her faith makes her a target, Lennox Winters must leave everything she knows behind, and face the harsh truth of what her world has become. The raised scar on her chest reminds her she still has... Continue Reading →

Don’t take the- She took the red Bible.

Hello everyone! Let's get right into it, shall we? Today is a Christian dystopian called Counted Worthy by Leah E. Good. Heather Stone lives in fear of repeating the past, yet she continues doing the one thing that could trigger another disaster. When the police trace an illegal Bible to her house, Heather’s world begins to crumble.... Continue Reading →


Hello Africa, hello Antarctica, hello Asia, hello Australia, hello Europe, hello North America, hello South America! (Well that was a little long. 😉 ) How many of you remember when I did a review for A Time to Die awhile ago? No one? I must say that I'm disappointed in you all. :/ Well, today is... Continue Reading →

DIE!! Er, I want to talk about clocks…

DIE DALEKS!! What? Oh, sorry 'bout that! 😉 Today I'm reviewing a book by the lovely author, Nadine Brandes. The book? Yes, yes I'm getting there (impatient little Slitheen)! It's A Time to Die (bk 1 in the Out of Time series). Enjoy! (Also, sorry but this might be a little long.)  How would you live if you knew... Continue Reading →


So today I'm doing Reapers (bk 1 in the Reapers Trilogy) by Bryan Davis. 🙂 Reapers, the first book in The Reapers Trilogy, is a dystopian tale with a supernatural twist. Taking place in a futuristic, urban setting, this first book in a planned trilogy will appeal to readers of The Hunger Games and similar fast-paced stories for... Continue Reading →

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