I accidentally hated a book ~ Review

So I technically didn’t HATE this book … it just made it sound more dramatic. šŸ˜‰ And I had to get you to read it somehow, right???

Anyways. Today I’m reviewing the first book in the UnwindĀ Dystology, which is Unwind. This is all written by Neal Shusterman.

BTW, I’m writing this at, like, 1 something and I’m not a night person (I just proved my point by leaving person as just “person” without the night … oops).

Enjoy! Continue reading “I accidentally hated a book ~ Review”



Hello Africa, hello Antarctica, hello Asia, hello Australia, hello Europe, hello North America, hello South America! (Well that was a little long. šŸ˜‰ )

How many of you remember when I did a review forĀ A Time to Die awhile ago? No one? I must say that I’m disappointed in you all. :/ Well, today is the second book in theĀ Out of TimeĀ series, by the lovely Nadine Brandes, and it isĀ A Time to Speak. Continue reading “Speeaaaakkkk!!!”

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