Books With Better Sequels

Okay. Let's be real. Sometimes - though it is very far and few between - we like the sequels better than the first book. On the off chance that this happens, we really want to scream it from the mountaintops, right? Because we aren't able to pass up this anomaly. So here I am today,... Continue Reading →

Books that MUST Be Turned into Movies (else I might die)

We all have those books that we just devour like this: and then, of course, we want to SEE them. Even if we're risking the chance of it being a total flop, we want to see our precious little babes and beautiful settings up on the bigscreen of our laptops. I know that you can... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Sup my dudes! I have a book tag comin' at ya! As you can, obviously, tell it is Beauty and the Beast (stolen from Book Loving Nut). Now, if you don't know, I LOVE Beauty and the Beast! Both the original and the new. If you haven't seen one or both, GO WATCH THEM NOW. I... Continue Reading →

book tag (disney princesses)

Hey guys! So as you can see, I'm doing a tag today! I don't usually do a whole bunch of tags, but they're super fun! Today's is Disney Princesses, rounding up thirteen of them. I stole the tag from Simi, if you want to check out her post. But I'm sure that you all must... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Debuts

Hey guys and gals! I hope that everything is doing well! I'm fantastic! Only two days left of school this year and I'm feeling great. 😎 So. Today's list-y post is all about my fav debuts. I know, I know I said "Most Beautiful," but whatever. It's my post, I can change the rules, lol. But... Continue Reading →

My 5 Favourite Dark and Beautiful Boys

Think tragedy. Tall, dark, and handsome. The guys your mom wouldn't want you to hang around with. Fictional, of course. I love the fictional characters that are the tragic geniuses or the misunderstood bad boys. They're such a cliche, but I love them. So that's what this list is complied of! The literary Tony Starks... Continue Reading →

6 Summer Reading Recs

As summer is nearing to a close (no! there's still another whole month yet!), I thought that I would give you a list of summer-ish books to read. How nice am I? For a guide, each book is for a different "summer feel". That is how I remember books, by how they made me feel.... Continue Reading →

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