Fawkes (Gunpowder and Magic and Gryffindors)

Hey friends! How's everyone doing? Good? Good. The featured book for today, as you already know by the title, is Nadine Brandes' Fawkes. This book has to have one of the most gorgeous covers that I've ever seen. Like, seriously. GORGE-OUS. For those of you who don't know, Fawkes is a historical fiction retelling of... Continue Reading →

Unbreakable (romance & fantasy)

hahahaha, yes. I am back with more bookish eye candy for you. UnbreakableĀ (today's book) belongs to the GORGEOUS series by Sara Ella. (I've reviewed the first two books in the trilogy here and here.) Not only are the books/writing/references beautiful, but the covers are everything. But yeah. I have been with these books from the... Continue Reading →

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