Things That NonBookish Folks Don’t Understand

Let's face it. As bookworms, we all do quirky, unexplainable things. So. Hello. I'm figuring if you're reading this post you are one of two people: a bookworm or a not-bookworm. The only two types of people (evil and not-evil, you figure out which is which). I'm here to help you! Or not. It's TBD.... Continue Reading →

Discussion: Finding Neverland

Heya, folks! Sorry for the erratic scheduling. I've been crazy with work + school scheduling for the fall + general laziness. So! Reading time has been limited, as has screen time (er, typing up posts). But! I was recently at a huuuge book sale (a warehouse full of books, everything $2 or less). Ironically, I... Continue Reading →

Bird Box |review| Josh Malerman

Hey guys! So. I decided to try something different. I read Bird Box by Josh Malerman! It's waaay outside of my normal genre, but I decided to give it a shot. Hope you enjoy my review! Likes: Okay. I don't really read mystery/thriller/horror books at all. They just don't usually interest me, ya know? But... Continue Reading →

Dear Evan Hansen…

Yes, the hit phenomena that was a musical. Did you know that it was made into a book? Because I certainly didn't. And yet here we both are today. (Yes, I'm talking to you.) If you haven't gotten an opportunity to see the musical, then go to Wikipedia and read the synopsis - it'll tell... Continue Reading →

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