Interview with CG Drews (aka my Queen)

I know that you've all already read the post title and know the contents ... but excuse me while I flail as I explain it to you. Author interviews are always fun. Stressful for me (I mean, how do you come up with questions??), but fun. And to add to that, today I am interviewing... Continue Reading →

Sorting Characters into Hogwarts (The Main Character Edition)

Hiya friends! How's it going? How's it going? So today I've decided to do something on-trend (at least, in my Pinterest circle) and sort main characters from books into Hogwarts houses! Whoo! *insert applause* I'm sure that ALL OF YOU have noticed this, but in the tags section of each of my reviews (for books... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Debuts

Hey guys and gals! I hope that everything is doing well! I'm fantastic! Only two days left of school this year and I'm feeling great. 😎 So. Today's list-y post is all about my fav debuts. I know, I know I said "Most Beautiful," but whatever. It's my post, I can change the rules, lol. But... Continue Reading →

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