4 Feels That All Bookworms Feel

There are some feelings that everyone can relate to. There just is. But there are also some feels that only bookworms can go: wow, you know me so completely … are you trying to take over my identity? You know. The usual. (my apologies … I am tired and it’s only 5pm šŸ˜‚)

On a different note … not really … that’s what today’s post is! (ahem. you’ve read the title; you know šŸ™ƒ) All the bookwormish feels! At least, I can relate to all of these, lol, I hope you can too!

the Internal Torment of Recommending a Favorite Book

Now hear me out on this one. Of course all of us bookworms are constantly shoving our favorite novels into the faces of those surrounding us. But … we feel scared?

I mean, what if they don’t like it? Or – gasp – what if they like it even more than us? (this is a real fear that I have felt) Maybe its a fave book that you so so relate to and someone calls it lame? (if you have a friend that does that – dump them)

The truth is, recommending a fave book is terrifying and is it really worth? Usually, though, we end up lending our hardcovers in the end. šŸ™ƒ


So you get some b-day money from the grandparents and you are ready for your bookish spending spree. But … which books do you buy?? Books are so expensive (especially if you decided to buy locally/independently) and you can only buy so many.

Should you buy your fave book of all times? (or a different edition?) That shiny new, hyped hardcover?? Your favorite author’s backlist??? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. But does it end there? No no no. Of course not.

You must chose. Hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook, even. Hardcovers are, obviously, more expensive … but many prefer them to the other editions (though I, personally, disagree). Audiobooks are crazy expensive. There are movie covers to avoid; mass markets to consider.


the crushing realization that your fiction crush JuSt IsN’t ReAl

My true bookworms know the feels. You’re reading a book – not even a romance – and there’s that one character. The tragic boy with the good hair; the hufflepuff girl who just wants to bake; the socially adequate nerd. WHOEVER IT IS. But you are so so invested in their lives. You know their birthday, their favorite color, the best and worst days of their lives, the pet they had when they were six (how do you even know that?). Basically, they’re so real.

And then your mom or sister or realistic best friend snaps you out of it with a They’re just not real. Ouch.

But of course, you’re feelings are real and now you are in a really awkward position of being in love with an unreal character. You have to watch the nerdy best friend get rejected by his Too Cool For School friend (ahem, Clary Fray). Or, perhaps the cool guy falls for the girl. AND IT IS TORTURE BUT YOU NEED MORE OF THEM.*

*no … this has never happened to me; why do you ask?

To Read or Not to Read

This one, in my opinion, is the most crushing out of all of these. (Well, perhaps minus the next one, lol)

All of my college students know what I’m talking about. Or my athlete friends, those who are slaving away at school, actually have a social life. YOU KNOW. Prioritizing reading.

Of course as bookworms we want to read … but sometimes we need to be responsible! (adulting sucks, kids) Finding the balance between writing that paper, practicing that sport, working that job … and reading, it’s hard!

I most times fail at finding the balance, and I’m sure many of you can relate! We all just need our own TARDIS so that we can read and still do all of the real world things.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a “fun” post – so I hope you all enjoyed it! lol. Is there one “feel” that I should have included? Which one do you relate to most? Please comment – I’d love to talk! šŸ˜

4 thoughts on “4 Feels That All Bookworms Feel

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  1. I always have a mini panic moment when I’m asked to reccomend books lol – one feel i think is relatable to a lot of us is when two character we really REALLY want to live happily ever after and ride off into the sunset just…dont.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I am very much the same. It’s just too hard and there are too many books! Lol. Yes!! That’s a very good one, too! I just want all of my ships to be happy ā¤ā¤


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