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Good morning, everyone! I hope you all have a desk plant – or fake desk plant – to keep you happy this Tuesday! 😁

I would like to start off with saying, wow. I have read The Raven Boys multiple times (over many years) and I’ve never review it?? I have failed as a bookworm.

But I am reconciling that! Here is my review for Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys, the first book in The Raven Cycle. But first! A little about the book.

TRB is a magical contemporary (my fave genre atm!) that is full of friendship and death! (doesn’t that make you want to read it??) There’s a group of three boys, trying to find a mystical dead king, Glendower, who will grant them one wish. Blue is the only “normal” one in her psychic household. She joins forces with the boys on the dangerous hunt. Mwahahahahahahaghri;ohwlkhtl

I also apologize. I am feeling really contemplative today, so my review may be a little spacey 🙂 (imma try to write a real review sometime soon, lol)

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)
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This is one of those books where … we really don’t get to know the characters. We have a lot of narrators. But yet, we experience them. We don’t feel like we’re in their heads. But we see the world through their eyes. We are them.

Ms Steifvater masters the art of the physical and the sensual. We don’t just read her book, we are a part of her book. It really is something quite magical.

The Raven Boys feels like a warm summer day; one where you’ve been out in the sun and take a nap with the beams on your face. Hanging with friends around a bonfire. Worn books and dusty shelves.

Ah, I just love it so much!!

Other than the gorgeous, attention-demanding writing and aesthetic of the book, the characters are all genuine and real. They’re different and struggle and love each other and seeing the friendships grow and strain is something truly special and really sets the book apart from others.

Basically, there is just a rawness, a realness to the book that is so unique and special … gah! Words can’t really describe it 😂 Let me try fr, though.

At times, the book feels shallow. Like there isn’t a plot, if that makes sense. There isn’t always an obvious driving force to every scene … yet every scene belongs. The characters are so dimensional and proud and flawed that they become real.

The magic of the book is woven in so tightly and intricately, it’s really amazing to admire. It is all so innocent … while still having the weight of blood magic. If that makes sense.

So, in conclusion to my lengthy poetry, please just read this book. ❤

Well. How is everyone feeling? I’ve already said that I’m contemplative 😂 Has anyone else read The Raven Cycle? What did they think? Any good magical realism books (my fave genre, rn)??? Hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday! Love you all ❤

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