The Great | A Fangirl Discussion

Good morning and Happy Friday! (if it really makes a difference anymore during this stay at home…. 😛)

Today is not strictly book-related, but yet here we are! Over last weekend, I binged the show The Great in two days (many of you have probably heard of it!). I am just now coming out of the Five Stages of Netflix (despite it, um, not being on Netflix). And I just had to share my fangirlish thoughts!

First off, I would like to say that to all of my younger followers, this show is NOT for you! It definitely deserved its high maturity rating … I am not suggesting that you watch it if you aren’t able (or even allowed) to watch all of the content in it. With that said…


The Rambling

The Great takes place in the mid-1700s, following Catherine the Great as she first enters Russia. Of course, she’s a little more innocent than all of Peter’s (Russia’s emperor) court. But what does she decide to do? Stage a coup on her husband.

I absolutely love Russia, and I have for years. I’ve started learning Russian (I’m very slow at it, lol) and I love alll of the books and shows on it. But I’m not obsessed with it, if that makes sense? Anyways. I absolutely loved the setting of the show. 😛

Going in, I hadn’t really remembered the historical story line of Peter and Catherine the Great (despite loving russia? see what i mean lol) … I could only remember bits and pieces. And I was actually glad about that! I felt that it made the story much more enjoyable and suspenseful. Of course, I read all of the Wikipedia pages after that and the show is not accurate AT ALL – which it flaunts every episode on the title card.

Over only ten episodes (tears) there is so so much character development. Mainly between Catherine, Peter, and Orlo. And that actually surprised me since its a comedy show. But speaking of comedy! I laughed out loud SO MANY TIMES. It is pretty in-tune with my humor and Peter was absolutely adorable!!!!

I mean, does he kill just for fun? Yes. Does he have any scrap of morality? No. Is he an idiot? Yes. But I love him so much! ❤ There’s something particularly endearing about him, especially when the audience glimpses his inner softie ❤

So. I loved Peter (didn’t really care for Catherine all that much, but still appreciated her). The humor was fabulous without being overbearing. And it was occasionally violent – which we all know that I love.


Now there was a lot of sex and sex scandals and such, which, as a young mind, I didn’t really care about. But I feel like it fit with the setting and Peter’s vibes, so I really can’t fault the show for that. I still found myself skipping through a couple parts 😂 #imstilltooyoung

Still. I loved most all of the other characters! Vlad was a favorite (many will recognize him as Klaus from the Netflix recent A Series of Unfortunate Events), and I – mostly – liked Mariel and Archie. The side characters either were purposefully dumb or very conniving, which I am SO here for. 😈

But yeah. I just felt fully immersed in the whole show and MY GOSH. WHY DID IT HAVE TO END SO SUDDENLY. I WANT MOOOOOORE*. All in all, I definitely loved this show to pieces and will be rewatching it again this weekend (no … i don’t have issues).

*as of proofreading this post … I discovered that there may be a second season?? everyone is open to it and i did not know about this????

HAS ANYONE ELSE SEEN THIS?! PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE! Ahem. I mean, I would love to intellectually discuss the show. Yup. 😂 In all seriousness, how is everyone? Any good shows I should start up next? What have you been watching during quarantine? I’d love to talk! 🙂

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