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Happy Tuesday!

How is everyone? I’ve been pretty fantastic, actually. We’ve gotten buckets and buckets of rain (like, a lot of my country roads have been flooded 😂), which I absolutely adore. I’ve also been able to call/video some friends and work with my dad, so I can get out of the house. I’ve also been reading, which is fantastic! (I just finished a reread of Nadine Brandes’ Romanov, for those of you who are curious 😉).

Today’s review is a little different, in terms of books. Another from the archives (I haven’t been reading much, thanks to college, and what I have been reading is mostly rereads) – in fact, I thought that I had already published this review! But I guess not.

It is Josh Sundquist’s memoir, We Should Hang Out Sometime. It is, obviously, non-fic, but I actually enjoyed it! Some of you might recognize Josh’s name – he’s a motivational speaker and for a short time was a stand-up comedian (I actually found him through his bits via Instagram, lol). So of course his book is absolutely hilarious.

I hope you all enjoy the review! Definitely check out the book; it was pretty good. And find Josh Sundquist on youtube or instagram – definitely worth a watch!

We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a True Story
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So this book was painfully true and relateable. Basically, Josh (he’s a speaker/comedian – definitely look him up. He’s precious) revisits every near-relationship that he’s ever had in all of its painful glory.

Like I said, it’s relateable. When I read this, I was pretty freshly out of my first relationship … ouch. I had also been lowkey turned down by a guy in my class. SO. I felt this book pretty hardcore. At times, it was almost hard to read. Buuuuut I still enjoyed it, through my tears. (jk 🙃)

That to say, it was amazing. It is a non-fic, but I think that even non-non-fic readers (lol) would enjoy this. It was lighthearted enough and written in a way that was very broken-up and engaging (with horrible graphs, lol) that it was fun and easy.

Many of you know that I am someone who strongly prefers fiction (gimme that fantasy, pls) and am relatively particular about non-fic … but I genuinely enjoyed this!

Josh is, as I said, an awkward and relateable narrator … while having many struggles that I could never relate with (having a lost limb and being a dude, mainly) that was fun to be enlightened to.

In short, it was a cute, funny book. I would have liked it even more if I wasn’t still eating ice cream over an ended relationship, lol. (that’s being very dramatic – but let me have my moment 😂)

Even if you aren’t a non-fiction fan, this book is definitely worth a shot! Let me know if you try it out 🙂

How’s everyone doing? Been baking any quarantine bread?? Jk. In all seriousness, has anyone read this or is familiar with Josh? Are you a non-fic fan? I’d love to talk 🙂

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