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So. At least in the states, school is beginning to come in full swing (I don’t start ’til September, lmao). Hope all of you chicklings who are in school/college are enjoying it! *insert evil laughter*

For real, though, I love school and the schedule/rigidity that comes with it. (I ain’t a summer fan) And though I’m CERTAIN that you’re tired of hearing it, hopefully with school comes a more regular posting schedule! Fingers crossed! *dies*

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(yes, my asterik obsession is back)

For today’s post, I’m reviewing a mega-summery read, Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. I’ve seen this YA summer romance around for A G E S, and have only just now gotten to it.

Enjoy the review and please comment!! ❤

Love & Gelato
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I went into this book expecting it to be the ultimate meet-cute book and I must say … I was a little disappointed??? But whatevs; let’s do the positives first.

This book takes place in Italy and oml, it is GORGEOUS. Hearing about all of these staple points in Italy and the countryside just had me melted in a jealous puddle.

Ren – the new-best-friend/love-interest – is absolutely adorable. He reminds me a lot of a chilled out version of one of my friends, which I’m obvs a fan of. Also. How he puts up with Lina? Serious props to my dude.

Despite some problems that I had with it (… more on that later), I actually liked the storyline. It’s all very cute and at once cliche and creative.

Also Lina’s dad. Just … yes.


Let’s start off with: I severely disliked Lina.

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Why? To me she felt like she belonged in middle school. Beside the fact that (to me) she had the personality of cardboard – or less – she also seemed more juvenile than all of the twelve year olds that I know. Like, what??? And I feel like her constant mood was woe-is-me, which I get, but that was less of a personality trait and more of a plot device. Ugh.

Ren, however, was great. This kid was complex and thought through things – which is very rare for a YA love interest. Still, got a little frustrated with him (but I mean, what’s new). Overall, tho, he was 100% amazing.

Lina’s dad (which, tbh, i can’t remember his name, lmao) is also amazing. He is very in-tune with the awkward-what-the-heck-do-I-do-with-a-hormonal-teenage-daughter, which, while being a cliche, I absolutely love. And again, he actually had a semblance of personality. Whoo personalities.

Hated Addie and Lina’s mom. Thomas was pretty okay. Everyone else was forgettable.

(tho what the heck was up with so-and-so?)


The writing – along with Lina – were probably my biggest faults with the book.

Love and Gelato had so much potential … and yet?? It fell short. The writing read as a middle grade book or even younger. Everything felt over simplified and was strongly told and not shown. Ugh.

I also had my own bones to pick with the plot and how some thing were carried out, but I actually enjoyed the story.

It took it’s own creative liberties and I liked how Ren and Lina’s friendships were written.


Alrightly. So. The writing irked me so much. Like, I dunno. It felt very … shallow? Which I hate to say, because the author wrote this, ya know? Poured their very soul in to it. But as a reader (a very particular reader, may I add), I never quite got into the story.

Lina felt so … young and irrational. Like, let’s be honest, many YA (female) protagonists feel like this, but Lina was something extra special. Ugh. I also felt like almost her whole character was to be emotional? This annoys me, especially when the MC is a female.

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Additionally, the whole book felt shallow. Not in a cute, fluffy, YA romance sort, but … yeah. Very shallow.


In summary, the book had so so much potential but, to me, it fell flat. Now don’t get me wrong! I know many bloggers/reviewers/readers that absolutely adored this book! Just … not me.

So, honestly, I would rec this book, just by the sheer number of positivity I’ve heard about it in my social (ha) circles. I just personally did not.

A very cute, fast read, if a little shallow. Ren is 100% adorable … Lina, less so.

⭐ ⭐

So. Have any of you read this book? Thoughts? Do you hate being negative in reviews because, aha ha ha, I do. But yeah. What’s been going on with y’all? I’d love to know! 🙂

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  1. Yess I find it so hard to be negative in reviews, or even to find negatives in the book. I think it’s just that the positive things are more memorable. It’s a shame that this book wasn’t really for you! But it is annoying when a YA book reads like MG…

    Also loving the Doctor Who GIFs! Matt Smith was always my fave 🙂

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    1. Yess, exactly. I just only want to focus on all of the happy and positive things 😭

      MATT SMITH ❤ I’m so ready to rewatch all of the Doctor Who episodes!! I just need to scrounge up some time… 😛

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  2. So, I wasn’t going to read this post.. and then I saw the Doctor Who GIFs… I love the eleventh doctor too much. *shakes head* (actually, I’m not sure that is possible. Everybody has to have at least one fictional hero and he is mine. (my heroes never did wear capes))

    Also, I know you generally talk about fiction on here, but if you ever feel like reading a biography I would VERY much recommend Amazing Grace, by Erick Metaxas. It is about the life of William Wilberforce (he is one of my real life heroes). It would take a while to read, but you can find it on audio book which is really nice.

    P.S. just wondering, are you homeschooled? I am.
    And, since you like to chat I thought of something to tell you: I write for this little writing magazine that my friend is editor of and if you want to take a look at it here is the link:

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    1. Haha, I have definitely read a post JUST so that I can see the gifs, lol. XD

      I do like reading biographies! Mainly scientist ones, but I will def check that one out sometime!

      Yup! I’m homeschooled. Or, actually, a homeschool graduate. I’ll check the magazine!


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