Things That NonBookish Folks Don’t Understand

Let’s face it. As bookworms, we all do quirky, unexplainable things.

So. Hello. I’m figuring if you’re reading this post you are one of two people: a bookworm or a not-bookworm. The only two types of people (evil and not-evil, you figure out which is which).

I’m here to help you! Or not. It’s TBD.

I’ve done a TON of research (lmaoooo), and these three quirks are what I’ve decided have to be the weirdest, most common things that non-bookish folks* have to look in on with confuddled faces.

But yeah. Please enjoy the post and comment all of your thoughts!

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(*I am frequently berating and calling out non-readers, but really, guys. I love you all!)

Never Judge a Book by its Cover…


Gah. This is one of the most common, superficial things that a bookworm can do. Also, I think that non-bookworms can also understand this? I mean, it’s basically liking judging a movie by its poster and all people are superficial.

Starting out the list weak, I see.

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Anyways. Not all bookworms do this, buuut I think everyone would be lying if they said that they hadn’t at some point in their lives.

I’m Gonna Read/Reread the Book Before the Movie

… and then we completely cry over the awfulness of the movie after all of our hype.

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Why? Why do we do this to ourselves?

We know that it is stupid. We’ll be even more judgy going into the movie. And yet?

This one might be difficult to explain to the non-readers, because it is just something that a bookworm does. There’s no reason, no logic behind this. It is just a drive that all bookworms possess.

Buying in Bookstores

Because why go to a bookstore – and pay waaay more money – when you can just buy online?

Now, I know that many bookworms are actually split on this (gasp), but I’ll soapbox-preach from my POV.

SUPPORT LOCAL, INDIE BOOKSTORES. Not B&N (though I guess that they can be included), but “real” bookstores. Ones that are nestled between two brick buildings on Main Street. A real hidden gem.

We must show our support! To the bookstores: that they can continue living the dream of working the dream. To the authors: that they can get the cash. To the readers: to enhance the reader-y-ness of being a reader.

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So there ya go, folks! What do you think? Are these the biggest weirdo things that bookworms do? (not by a longshot, lol…) Are you a reader or a *shudder* nonreader? I’d love to talk with you, either way!! ❤

2 thoughts on “Things That NonBookish Folks Don’t Understand

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  1. I think another thing that non-readers won’t understand is just how invested we get in books. Like I’ll finish a book and go to my mum sobbing, trying to explain to her that my heart has just been ripped out, and she always says I get way too attached to these characters and then way too emotional when it’s not even real. And I’m like it’s real to me mum ok???!! *continues sobbing* lolll

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