The Best Sub-Genre

Alright, folks. This is another one of my infamous late-night posts. Or *coughs* a “discussion” post. anyways. This one is inspired by Romanov and Fawkes by Nadine Brandes.

Now, what do those two books have in common? (other than being by the same author, ahem) THEY’RE BOTH HISTORICAL FANTASY.

Dudes. I LOVE historical fantasy. It’s a mashup – in my very correct opinion – of magical realism of historical fiction. Two genres that I love.

(on a side note: magical realism is also my favorite sub-genre, just so that we’re clear)

But anyways. I feel like there should be more books in this genre. I mean, think of all the opportunities!! You can literally take ANY historical event and twist it up into something barely recognizable.

Wait. Actually. Not that much. But you get the idea. I hope.

The magic can be subtle or giant, I really don’t care. But I mean, the options are almost limitless – as we see in Nadine’s books. I’m just such a fan of this idea. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of the typical writing style with historical fictions (c’mon, we all know there’s a type) or just aren’t a fan of the genre can be educated, too! I mean, they’d be wrong, but still.

Another good example of historical fictions are My Lady Jane and My Plain Jane. Though, imo, the first is more extreme. (apparently I never reviewed the first book??)

I know this was a pretty lame post, I’m sorry… but what’s YOUR favorite sub-genre? One that’s little known? Do you have any good book recs? Pretty please? Thank ya, loves ❤

4 thoughts on “The Best Sub-Genre

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  1. Wow hellooo, long time no see(read?)! Sorry this is very late but I am gradually catching up on all my emails…

    I don’t think I’ve read much historical fantasy… Probably because I’m not really a historical fiction fan, but this does sound cool not gonna lie. I’ve been meaning to read Nadine’s books for ages!

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    1. hallo!!! Glad to see(read) you again! And I understand, lol. I’m still struggling to catch up with all of the other bloggers I follow 😂

      Yeah, I understand! It took me FOREVER to get into historical fiction! I read a couple books in middle school … but nothing clicked with me until my middle teens. 😁 But I absolutely love love love historical fantasy! Finding them are hard, though…

      You should definitely read some of her books! I feel I like I am always shouting her books at people lol … but they’re so good! (she also just had her second baby and the little girl is precioussss!)


  2. I don’t know whether it would count as a sub-genre or not but I do quite like historical romances, especially when they’re regency. I don’t think I’ve actually read much historical fantasy a try but I might keep a look out for some in the future!

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    1. Yes, you should definitely try historical fantasy!

      As for historical romance, I think that that’s become a genre all of its own, lol. People seem to really like them! (the regency ones are fantastic ❤ )

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