Edgy Books for those who Like Living on the Edge

Hello, lovelies!

This post is for all of you who like those dark badboys and gothic settings. Questionable morals. Leather jackets and thorns.

Lol. But really! I love love love all of the aforementioned cliches, and I really hope that you do, too!

If you are on my good list (aka, love all of the leather and roses), then here are my top four book recommendations! If you are on my neutral or *gasp* bad list, then please reconsider and read these anyways.


I challenge you to find a contemporary (granted, this one has sci-fi) with a more gothic setting. But really. I would love recs.

aaanyways. Vicious is written by VE Schwab, so of course it is going to be darkly beautiful and gothic and all of the nasty, lovely things.

All of the parts of Vicious that take place during Victor’s university days are like straight out of some Victorian boarding school. The whole aesthetic of the book is dark and rich.

Basically: read.


If you thought that I would pass up an opportunity to mention this book … then you are sadly mistaken.

Splintered is, like, the peak of being aesthetically creepy/weird and just … off. This trilogy – as does any AG Howard book – gives off extreme gothic vibes and I AM SO HERE FOR THIS.

I mean, Alyssa is, like, the punk/goth/skater girl queen. She wears petticoats and fishnet gloves and oml, if that isn’t fulfilling the stereotype, then I don’t know what is.

(also the world that ag howard builds is just marvelous. everything is grotesque and creative and dark. so so good.)

Stalking Jack the Ripper

If there are any historical fiction fans out there, then this book has got you covered.

SJtR and its following books are gothic to the extreme. Set in a Victorian England world with murder and delicious settings, it just can’t get any better. But it does. Audrey Rose girlpowers her way through the book in her darkly beautiful gowns and delicate lace. She is a true icon.

But really. Take one glance at the book’s cover and you immediately know the book’s aesthetic.

If We Were Villains

Ahh! My new fave!

IWWV is gothic in setting. It takes place at an “art school.” (don’t know why I put it in quotations, lmao) Which is set on a dark lake. With a castle. I KNOW.

All of the characters are thespians (mega dorks for Shakespeare) and have dark sense of humor (my peeps) and there is murder (uhhh … not my peeps?). Just so good.

Along with that richly saturated aesthetic, we are given beautifully wicked writing. The whole book gives off a classic gothic feel.

So there you go! My favorite, go-to gothic-esque books! Do you have any more to add to my list? I’m always looking for suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Edgy Books for those who Like Living on the Edge

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  1. Ooh I really haven’t read much gothic fiction if I’m being honest. Maybe deep down I just secretly prefer the fluffy stuff? But I’m definitely gonna check these books out! Splintered was on my ‘to read soon’ list on goodreads anyway so I’ll get to that for sure. And some day soon I would love to tackle VE Schwab! (Her books I mean, hehe) I still have A Darker Shade of Magic waiting for me in my kindle library 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I get that. I am constantly swinging from ultra-light/fluffy contemporaries to morally grey, give-you-depression books. So. I have no chill, lol

      No pressure or anything … but READ A SCHWAB BOOK. OMG. SO GOOD. 😍


    1. Thanks!
      Ugh, yes. You should totally read If We Were Villains! I’m sure you would like it! Or, at least, I hope 😁
      Vicious is another good one. Let me know if you give it a try!!


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