Mini Review! (Lacy – Jaye L Knight)

So, lmao, I just realized that I never posted Tuesday. Um. Oops? Anyways. It’s one in them morning and is my brain working? OF COURSE NOT. So a full review ain’t happenin’, sweetie.

Instead. I am giving you a mini review! Yay!!!! (it was in my archives, haha)

It’s going to be of Jaye L Knight’s Lacy, which is a novella (5.5) in the Ilyon Chronicles. You can find all of my reviews in the next paragraph. Pls enjoy!

(reviews: book .5, book 1, book 2, book 3, book 4, book 5)

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I almost felt like Lacy was a throwback to all of my favorite things about Resistance (the first Ilyon book). Because of this, it is marked as one of my favorite Ilyon books.

Why? Lacy is a slow(ish) books, focusing more on the characters and their relationships, taking time to, well, take time. I just loved it! Aaron was an excellent main narrator. I didn’t remember him a whole lot – his last major appearances, I believe, occurred in book 2 – and I actually found that I enjoyed him! He wasn’t as stuffy as he had first appeared to be, but rather just protective and reserved and cautious (usually).

It was heartwarming, seeing the relationships develop. Seeing how Lacy’s character grew and contracted so much in only a hundred pages. I won’t lie, I was skeptical to see how Lacy’s prostitution would come into play … and it actually wasn’t completely brushed off! I think that it wasn’t portrayed 100% realistically, but I still felt it realistic enough.

Don’t worry, we still get a decent amount of action, what with all of the fistfights and Aaron’s reckless behavior. Still, it is definitely focused on slow-going, which really played to Ms Knight’s writing strengths. Plenty of little series Easter eggs were planted throughout the book, hinting at occurrences from mainly Bitter Winter, while still feeling separate enough that I felt the book required.

Overall, I felt that it was an amazing book! A slow, sweet romance with just the right amount of action and faith mixed in.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

There you go, friends! How’s your life been? I’d love to know! Is it summer where your at? Winter? For us, summer is beginning. Have a beautiful day, my lovelies!

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