Books I Don’t Talk Enough About

Hey fam! Wassup???

Anyways! Today is a post that I know you are all DYING for. Why? Because I wrote it. So. Obviously.

You can most likely tell from the title that these are books I don’t talk about near enough. Funnily enough, all of them except for one are from my 2016 reading year. Coincidence? I THINK SO.

But yeah. Please read, enjoy, comment, etc. SPREAD THE LOVE, MY FRIENDS.

(why yes – i am using all the caps, lol)

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

alkghlkdhlakghlkhfgalkhglksjg;l jgkx. My dudes. This book is … all of the things.

I liked how one reviewer said (sorry peeps, I can’t remember who), but that it doesn’t necessarily deal with/addresses depression and suicide sufficiently, but it shows it in such a realistic light. And, like, I 100% agree.

And perhaps that’s why I love this book so much. It really makes you feel all the things (not in a good way … but sort of). It’s just so beautiful and such a rarity, I feel.

Tiger Lily

Okay. So. Like. I talk about this? But not enough??

Tiger Lily is a retelling of Peter Pan (my fave fave fave book of ever), and it doesn’t include any magic. But somehow, that makes it more magical. (Oh hush. Don’t you question my logic.)

The book is so packed full of heartahce and nostalgia, I nearly burst with all the emos whenever I read it.

Guys. I highly recommend.

Rebel of the Sands


Okay. So I realized that I reviewed the second book, but never the first. Um, oops. (someone needs to get on reminding me about that.)

But yeah. These are, like, the fantasies that WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. There’s so much sass. So much. And epic fights and magic and grouchy characters and omg, I am so so here for all of this.

Urgh. Now I definitely need to reread. (It is currently staring at me with it’s judgey eyes that it doesn’t have 🙄)

The Diabolic

I know that there was a while there where I talked about this series constantly. But then … didn’t.

Well, that needs to change.

I absolutely love this trilogy (though I’m still patiently waiting for the third book). And, admittingly, after rereading the first book a couple of times, I’ve loved it less. But when I’ve reread the second book, I’ve loved it even more.

Cannot wait for the third book to come out. (fingers crossed this year!!)


I know, I know. This one is a classic. It almost feels like I … shouldn’t squeal about it all the time? Idk why, tho.

But regardless! Frankenstein is one of my absolute fave books of ever (I am also, coincidentally writing a retelling of it, so…). And it’s not just the rich, bookish history that Frankenstein gives us (go, Mary Shelley!), but I also love the deepness of the book.

Like, you can just skimp through the book and get the overall story, learn the answers for school, etc. However, if you’re a deep, overthinker like me, than this is a gold mine. I love how deep and moralistic everything is. I’m so in love with that. 😍

So that’s it from me! What are some books that YOU adore? Any good ones that I should try? (I’m really in a contemporary kick rn 🙃) Bye, my lovelies!

4 thoughts on “Books I Don’t Talk Enough About

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  1. Ahh I just read Tiger Lily and I really enjoyed it!! I don’t even know what it was about it, but I got through it so quickly and I just loved reading it. Tiger Lily was such an interesting character!

    Also Frankenstein is an excellent book, honestly we can’t recommend it enough can we?? I keep trying to get my parents to read it but I feel like they have this misconception that it’s some weird old horror book? But it’s soo much more than that argh everyone needs to read it. Also everyone needs to read Peter Pan. It should be the law, honestly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t Tiger Lily just the best? I agree, lol, I had no idea what the book was about, even after reading it … but it was just so so good!

      Exactly! Frankenstein is such a fabulous book; I’m trying to get all of my siblings + friends to read it… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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