Hiya friends!

Now, if you’ve at all waded into the YA/NA corner of the blogisphere, I’m sure that you’ve heard of VE Schwab. Or if you’ve been around here long enough, I’m sure that you know that I love VE Schwab. (Thanks Cait and Jess for introducing me to her books!)

Well. Like two months ago, VE’s first tour dates were announced … and she was coming to the city about a half hour from my house! The day after my birthday!!! Of course, Big Sis and I decided to go. 😉

So. The time came. I City Drove (which is not my fave – I live out in the lovely lovely country). We got there a half hour early. Everything was already nearly packed.

We each got a free copy of Vicious (my fave book!!!) and Jess and I bought a ton of her books between the two of us (Monsters of Verity, The Steel Prince, A Darker Shade of Magic).

The waiting was forever before VE got up to talk. But while we were waiting, we met a girl who went to college near us and was obsessed with Shades of Magic and had a book blog (her name is Meaghan – I still can’t find her online 😕). It was fantastic. I was fangirling the whole wait, texting all of my friends who couldn’t care less (thanks, fam).

VE’s talk was PHENOMENAL. Of course, we got teased about Addie La Rue stuff (MY DUDES. I’M SO EXCITED), talked of future Shades of Magic things, MOVIE NEWS, her personal writing experience/roadblocks. It was great. I was nearly moved to tears. (I also had a ripping headache, which was brilliant … not).

Jess and I had to wait another hour in line to get our books signed (we were in the second-to-last group in line), but it was well worth the wait. She signed all of my books (Vicious was personalized, whoop whoop!) and chatted with me, despite having to have been exhausted.

I was a nervous wreck, babbling about how I’m a writer, too, and she’s such an inspiration (such, such, such!) and was telling her how Vicious is my fave book (it definitely is). She recommended If We Were Villains to me (review coming soon!) and was just super sweet and awesome.

And I know that she hates pictures, but she took one with me and, of course, I will treasure it forever. ❤ ❤

*cue me being dorky*

Aaaanyways. All that to say – if you ever have the chance to meet Victoria Schwab, DEFINITELY do it! She is worth all the hours that you have to wait and is the absolute sweetest! Her talks are amazing and she’s so adorable! 😍😍

Haha, hope that I didn’t bore you all to tears! Have any of you met your idols? Do you go to events often? WHO ELSE IS A MAJOR SCHWAB FAN?! Let us fangirl!

5 thoughts on “I MET VE SCHWAB!!!

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  1. That’s cool that you met such a famous author!! I’ve never met any of my favourite authors, but I’ve met a few at random events and got signed copies which is exciting in itself 😉

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    1. Getting signed copies is SO exciting! One of my favorite books is signed by the author and she wrote a note that took up the whole page (which is why I love the book so much, tbh).

      And honestly? meeting some of the lowkey authors that I haven’t read their books is one of my favorites, because they’re just, like, regular people and they’re always super chill and down to talk and just yas. ❤

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      1. Aw it’s so sweet that some authors do take the time to write long messages; I guess they know how much it means to us lil readers ❤ it’s also nice when you meet a small author and get a random signed book then end up becoming a fan!

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