books that give all the good feels

Hey guys! So. I hope that you’re all doing good! Can you believe that it’s almost May? I can’t!!!

Anyways. I’m coming at you with a list of books that gave me (and – hopefully – you) all the happy feels. Be them nostalgic or cute … you’ll just have to find out. 😉

As always, this post is written in, like, under ten minutes. So, haha, yeah. I’m kind of running out of things to say … so we’re just going to get on with the post now. 😀

to all the boys i’ve loved before

haha. As if I wouldn’t put this one on this list. 😛

TAtBILB – for those of you who are new around here – is my absolute fave book. I just love it. It’s super sweet and full of baked goodies and Lara Jean is just to die for.

Everything about these books are cute. And, prematurely (even though I could guess what was going to happen), I was stressed. But this book just wraps you up in a bestie hug and feeds you cookies.

Peter is also a blessing to this world.

percy jackson and the olympians

An oldie but a goodie. PJO is, like, every millennial’s childhood (along with Harry Potter).

Maybe this is more for those who carry nostalgia, but they are just so … welcoming. It’s like, hey, anyone is welcome into this fandom. And Percy is just so young and sweet and and and-

These just are the perfect feel-good books (even as they progressively get darker).

the boy who steals houses


Like I said in my review … this book makes me think of coming home after a long time or getting to see an old friend. It has a nostalgic tone of the end of summer. The hopefulness of a first school day.

Just all the good feels. (and some tears, tbh)

aristotle and dante discover the universe

I have to admit it – I haven’t actually finished this book yet. BUT. It feels like the epitome of summer.

It’s about discovering yourself and exploring a world that can sometimes feel dull and just … meh. Aristotle and Dante is just … it’s beautiful, mate.

peter pan


This book is nostalgic … but not specifically to a person, I feel. Like, it would make anyone nostalgic for childhood. The book is written in such a homesick way and Peter just makes you smile, wishing that you were still a kid.

If this book doesn’t make you happy and sad, then you’re wrong.

So! There you have it. What books give you all the happy feels? I’d love to chat and get some recommendations! What’s going on in your life? I’m just finishing up school for the year. Lettuce discuss!

3 thoughts on “books that give all the good feels

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  1. Aw I so totally agree! Who doesn’t love a feel good book? Lara Jean is the cutest, especially with her sisters ❤ and I’m dying to reread PJO just for the memories, they were such happy times! Also I recently read Peter Pan and oh my my I love it, why hasn’t everyone read it?? It’s such an excellent book, so thanks for the rec 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you loved Peter Pan! It’s so so beautiful! Plus, I own two copies and they are both GORGEOUS.

      Reading books for nostalgic purposes usually backfires on me (because wow, some of those books were very poorly written), but PJO is one that I always always can go back to and read ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw yeah I have a hardback copy that’s just the sweetest lil book and I wanna read it to my kids someday :’)

        Haha yeah I feel like we all had an odd taste in books when we were little 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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