Get to Know Me! (If you dare…)

Hiya, guys! Who’s excited for Easter break? (Please tell me that you have an Easter break…)

I got double tagged for the Liebster tag (by sisters, nonetheless!). I usually don’t do tags on here … but April’s been a crazy month and guess who isn’t on top of their blogging schedule? Aha ha, certainly not me! *dies*

So … this is a ton of information. In an effort to not make this longer than what it already (and because I have reached a Nick-level of laziness) (yes, I’m currently watching New Girl), read @Writefury and @CrazySprinkleHorse‘s posts for all the rules!

This is also an effort for folks to get to know me! Because what better way than by totally random questions? (answer: there is not better way) I’ve had a ton of new followers as of late – you are all awesome – so hi! Here’s me.

1. Which fictional characters do you think youโ€™re most similar to?

I’d definitely have to say RDJ’s Sherlock Holmes. That dude, I RELATE. Also, as if I haven’t said this enough (๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†) Lara Jean from To All the Boy’s I’ve Loved Before. Just YAS.

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker. A more chill version of Every‘s Mycroft.

2. Tell me about a very vague story idea you have

(Hades and Persephone retelling)

Hades has a mental break, of sorts, and banishes himself to live a normalish life – at least until he can sort himself out. He lives in the slums with his dog, Cerberus. Has OCD, because why not? Persephone, meanwhile, is a college drop-out and a hermit. they meet and … I haven’t thought that far out yet. XD

3. A movie that really surprised you with how good it was?

The Lego Batman movie. I’m not saying that it was fantastic, but I did laugh myself completely silly at multiple points. I’m not even ashamed to say it.

4. A popular thing you hate?

Just about everything, haha. But seriously. I am the exact definition of the Dictionary’s Hipster. for reals.

The top knot/buns/etc. GIRLS. I’M SORRY. I JUST CANNOT. I am all for man buns, though. DON’T JUDGE ME.

5. A popular thing you like?

I’m loving this grunge fashion thing going on. I don’t know if it’s just in my social circles/Pinterest boards, but yas. Ripped jeans and graphic tees and skateboards and flannels and beanies. I AM IN LOVE.

I’ll also have to say it – I’m usually in the closet about this one – but Hamilton. Sooo good, guys.

6. Last song you played on repeat?

Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman. It’s just so fantastic and motivational (??). I cleaned up my room … and then decleaned it while listening to this song on repeat for apprx two hours. Oops.

(Just before that, I was repeating A Million Dreams, which is my favorite from that soundtrack)

7. Three good things about your week so far?

Ooh, I like this one! Honestly, it’s been a pretty slow week … but I’ll try!

1 – It’s been rainy the past few days. The good, spring-kind that Norrie was just talking about. I love gloomy, rainy weather!

2 – Our church youth group is doing a HUGE fundraiser and I wrote a stand-up with lots of nerd jokes and people found it funny at rehearsals and I’m a Backstage Manager Assistant, which means that I get to yell at people.

3 – I went shopping with my mom and brother today (which was a total b o r e), but I found some cute overalls! I’ve been searching for a pair that I actually liked for forever, now!

8. First fictional couple that comes to mind, GO.

Jess and Ryan from New Girl.

TBH, I’ve been thinking about them the whole time that I’m writing the post. (spoilers) They just broke up and I’m still unsure on how I feel.

9. A weird animal youโ€™d like as a pet?

Komodo Dragon, for sure. I mean, honestly. It worked for Ravi on Jessie (anyone watch that as a child/teenager/adult?).

I actually just wrote about this for my zoology class. They don’t actually have any poison, but their saliva is so bacteria-filled, it actually kills you in less than twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, captive dragons have waaaay less bacteria.

Boo reptile hygiene!

10. Sum yourself up in one gif.

11. Tell me a story of one time you had ninja reflexes.

Haha, how about never??

1 what is your least favorite soup?

Ew, any kind of potato soup. If it has potatoes in it, than that’s fine. JUST NO POTATO SOUP.

I’m also really not a fan of tomato soup. Or noodle soup.

Otherwise, I love soups. ESPECIALLY minestrone. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

2 if you were an animal what would you be?

An owl, if I could pick. I mean, I could claw out people’s eyes and be a mysterious night hunter, but people still love me and I’m wise. Or a bat. Bat’s are cool and mysterious. My life’s goal is to be a vampire, so.

If it were to be based on my temperament – cat. Cat, for sure. I’m moody, want to be left alone, can be entertained by a box for hours, and hate people.

3 if a weasel ate a cupcake and then puked on you what would you do to it?

Adopt the weasel. I repeat: adopt the weasel.

4 how do you like your potatoes best?

Well obviously not as a soup. XD

Mashed potatoes. I LOVE mashed potatoes. Any and all kinds. I also love grilled/roasted potatoes, hash browns (BE STILL MY BEATING HEART), and french fries and tater tots.

I love potatoes.

5 were you to drop all comunication with your loved ones and become an undercover chef in a foreign country for twelve years what country would you go to?

This would actually be a dream come true for me. For YEARS I considered being a chef and I always wanted to ghost everybody that I know, so…

Russia. I would choose Russia. But you didn’t hear that from me ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

6 snakes. Do you like them?


7 name something that is too sugary for you.

Just about everything. I’m not overtly fond of sweet-things. Cake, most of the time frosting, cinnamon rolls, lotsa candy, cookies, etc.

8 do you like holes in the knees of your pants? Why or why not?

Yes, actually! I hate that it’s a trend right now, though, because I hate following trends, but I really love them! Bring back the 90s!

I also wear, like, my fave two pairs of jeans all the time and they naturally get holes worn in them, so.

9 favorite restaurant?

O.l.i.v.e. G.a.r.d.e.n.

It’s my fave! But having five siblings, three of whom don’t care, we don’t go very often. Is one of my main reasons that I love it is that they bring you out endless food? And I eat endlessly? Maybe.

10 if you had to change your hair color to any color in the rainbow permanently in exchange for being able to turn invisible except for your hair, what color would you change your hair to?

Hmmm. Probably pink. I’ve always wanted pink. But, tbh, I’d probably just shave off all my hair (that’s something else that I’ve wanted to do).

11 pick one dog breed to sacrifice for the lives of humanity. What breed would you pick?

Ack! I don’t know! Chihuahuas, maybe? Poodles? I’m not a fan of foo-foo dogs, as much.


  1. I got bangs almost entirely because everyone said that I shouldn’t.
  2. I’m actually a semi-decent artist
  3. I want to be an astro-chemist and get my doctorate in dark matter (extra-galactic)
  4. Despite being in high school, I’m taking college classes – and doing fabulously
  5. I dance ballet + pointe
  6. I work at a coffee shop, making me a barista
  7. My favorite present ever received was a jar of dill pickles (thanks, Grandparents)
  8. Dark/depressing/gloomy weather makes me SO HAPPY
  9. My favorite movies are: Carrie Pilby, Victor Frankenstein, and Sherlock Holmes
  10. Andrew Garfield is my favorite Spider-Man (though it’s a close call!!)
  11. I knit, and I knit well
  12. Red is my favorite color, though I never wear it
  13. For years I only owned one pair of shoes (black hi tops)
  14. Indie folk music is my jam
  15. Young Johnny Depp is the hottest
  16. I prefer Edmund to all the other Pevensies
  17. I cry every time I watch Curious George
  18. I also almost cry whenever I read Peter Pan
  19. My favorite candy is tied between Heath bars and Kit-Kats and SPK
  20. I own a fake leather jacket; real leather boots
  21. I’m a Slytherin (surprise); also an INTP
  22. I hate leggings

The Questions

  1. What day would you relive, if you could?
  2. You can change the color of any animal: what animal to what color?
  3. Thoughts on instrumental music?
  4. When was the last time that you used a sticky-note?
  5. Have you ever faked being sick? Do tell us the most dramatic of the stories
  6. Favorite smell?
  7. Be honest: Do you know how to use a VCR?
  8. When you’re old (and still alive), what do you want to be known for?
  9. Favorite throwback trend/phrase/show/etc?
  10. Describe your perfect date
  11. Are the bees disappearing?

The Folks

I don’t want to call out specific names … because hey, I’m not all about that life style. ( ๐Ÿ˜› ) So! I know that I’ve gotten a lot more followers, recently (thanks, friends). If you’ve followed me during 2019, you’re tagged! Whoo!

Ahhh! Did anyone even make it through that monstrosity?? I don’t think that I did, lmao. Do any of YOU want to do the tag? I’d love it for you to link me to it! Question tiiiime! Do you know how to work a VCR player? Which dog breed would you eliminate? Let’s chat!

9 thoughts on “Get to Know Me! (If you dare…)

Add yours

  1. Yesss we love Edmund!! And I agree, Lego Batman is actually a great film, basically a love story between Batman and the Joker if you ask me…

    A Million Dreams is my favourite too! I love that soundtrack, although I think Iโ€™ve over listened to it, so for me it doesnโ€™t have the same magic to it anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Go man buns! Iโ€™m a fan. I think Sokka from Avatar made me like them (because of course, who else??).

    Also snakes… I get why people hate them, but theyโ€™re so cute and unloved?? So Iโ€™m going to fill my house with them when Iโ€™m older. Although my mum says sheโ€™ll never come visit me if I do…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes. that is EXACTLY how I would describe Lego Batman!

      You know what? I never even thought of that. Sokka has made me fall in love with the man bun โค โค

      Snakes! I luv them soooo much! they're adorable and cool and, like, just a general yes.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha, what a rebel you are! (Getting bangs cuz people told you not to). But good for you! It’s your hair, so you show them! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hades having a mental breakdown is totally plausible! Imagine all that stress ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think jeans holes defo look good on some people / in some styles. I’m one of those who can’t really pull them off.

    Really fun questions and i loved your answers โค
    I'd also adopt the weasel, and would make sure he wouldn't eat another cupcake ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, thanks! My bangs look fabulous and I get compliments all the time … so take THAT!

      Haha, yeah. I get that. As given my response to peeps telling me no for bangs … if I want to wear something, I’ll wear it. Apparently my confidence makes me look good in anything?? (at least, that’s what my super, mega nice friend tells me… lol)

      Thanks!!! Adopting the weasel is the ultimate powermove, imo ๐Ÿ˜‚


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