Bitter Winter (disease, chill, and death oh my!)

I hope that you have all had a good March! (and fabulous st patrick’s day πŸ˜‰ )

At least here in the USA, we’ve been having winter (which lemme tell ya, it has been one wild ride), so celebrating moving on to spring, I have on final wintery tale to give you!

Bitter Winter (Jaye L Knight) is the most recent (and fifth) installment in the Ilyon Chronicles. This Christain (nonmagic) fantasy series has been absolutely amazing and I am crying that there is only one book left. But before I get too weepy, let’s carry on!

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let’s admit it … we all relate to edmund a little too much

(reviews: book 0.5, book 1, book 2, book 3, book 4)

Bitter Winter (Ilyon Chronicles, #5)
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Okay, so, um, LOTSA Jace!!! It’s mainly narrated by him, and honestly, I adored that. 😍

But yeah. We have a whole lot of tension in this book because, as it was said in the synopsis: we have an entirely devastating illness. MY HEART WAS NOT HAPPY WITH THIS. I WAS READY FOR ALL THE FANGIRL EMOTIONS. NOT ALL THE TEARS.

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Don’t worry, though! There were still a ton of fangirl moments … so that’s okay. (I also lowkey said on a Goodreads updates that as long as Jace and Tyra made it through this book … everything would be okay. I kind of now retract that statement… πŸ˜› ) About 3% into the book, I was already dying due to my face being split in two due to extremely cute, shippable moments.


As I said, Jace, my man, was our main narrator. (But as is the true style of Ilyon, there were numerous narrators.) He experiences a set of different struggles then he has in previous books, which was actually really interesting to read about. Taking his life – and others – into his own hands. Etc. ALSO. Jace is a complete fangirl of Kyrin, and it just adorable. Be still my beating heart.

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Daniel! Daniel! I had (oops) forgotten a lot about everything from Exiles, but I quickly caught up and I am absolutely in love with his character! He’s grown so much in the span of these five books, and I love to see who he has become. (Now we’d better leave before I go all teary-eyed, mushy proud mama on you.)

I’M SO PROUD OF MY MAN, LIAM. Like, I have teary eyes at how he is stepping up and accepting himself and where his skills lie. He’s shaking off his good-for-nothing grandfather and keeps strong morals/integrity. ALSO, LIAM’S GOT A GIIIIIIIRL. 😍😍

Otherwise, I felt that we really didn’t get a whole lot from other characters. (Though we DO see a set up with Aaron for the Ilyon novella, Lacy!!!) I have so much love for Kyrin and Rayad and the whole Altair clan! ❀ Loved seeing Timothy and Aaron, as well!!!


If you have read any of the Ilyon books, then you know that there are always tons of narrators. (Basically every main and side character has a chapter to share.) I actually love this! You can definitely tell who the main character is – in this case, Jace – but you also get others’ perspectives. And Jaye writes it SO WELL. I am in awe. *applause*

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Bitter Winter was definitely plot driven versus character driven. So we have lots of action and intense (especially emotionally) moments. BUT THERE ARE SO MY CUTE, FANGIRLY SQUEALING MOMENTS. I AM IN LOVE. ❀


This is definitely a personal pet peeve for me, but everyone got “paired” up with everyone … and now all the peeps are in super happy courtships (though there’s still another book for conflicts!!!). I don’t usually like the happy stuff (unless it’s Jace x Kyrin), but yeah.

I also feel that this book left out a lot of the character building and quality time. It was definitely more action/plot focused, which isn’t always a bad thing, I just loved Resistance for the characters.

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just because this was a hilarious scene


The book is definitely a lot more quick and intense then the others, but still managed to hold on to the sweet and emotionally-tormenting bits at the same time. SOME SCENES WERE INCREDIBLE. (Both for my fangirl soul and for how they were written.)

I will warn you, there will be tears. Some happy. Mostly sad. Okay, almost all sad.

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DEATH, DISEASE, DEATH. Nothing too descriptive. Sweet romance moments. (All the ships!) I definitely don’t think that I’m ready for the final Ilyon book…

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Have any of you followed along or read parts of the series? If you have, let’s fangirl! Otherwise … what is a book that brutally tore your heart out? Was filled with death? LET ME KNOW. I LOVE ALL THE DARK AND SAD THINGS.

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  1. Oooh who doesn’t love a good bit of death in a book??! Definitely gonna check out this series.

    Also loving the Narnia GIFs! I really need to rewatch those films… and yes wow Edmund is so relatable, love him ❀

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