To Kill a Kingdom | review

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To get directly to the point, peeps love retellings. I know it; you know it. Why? We doooon’t knoooow. (I feel like that’s a song? Is it??) But! I’m coming at ya with Alexandra Christo’s Little Mermaid retelling To Kill a Kingdom.

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Let me give you the lowdown. We have to scheming murders who deep down are nice folks and they falllll in loooove. Lol. Not really. But! I hope that you enjoy my review! 🙂

To Kill a Kingdom


Honestly, guys? There wasn’t much that I loved about this book. It wasn’t that I, like, hated everything. It was just so boring and honestly? Kinda full of tropes that I’m tired of. But! There was some stuff that I liked.

Elian was actually kinda cute sometimes. He’s our restless, swashbuckling prince who bleeds gold. And he was actually funny and adorable at points. Lira was also pretty chill! (Well, not chill. She’s the opposite of chill. But you get what I mean.)

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The setting was cool. I mean pirates! Backstabbing! Mermaids that are actually mermaids not the kindergaten stuff. (There’s also deadly sirens and I am so here for that.)

To Kill a Kingdom‘s whole plot/premise was super neat and creative in terms of a Little Mermaid retelling. Prob my favorite part of the book.


Lira, I was not a fan of pretty much the whole book. I felt that at the beginning she was tiresome and cliche (all I’m a murder and I cannot love over and over and over again *gag*). As her character developed, I came to like her a little more … but it really wasn’t that much.

Elian … eh. He was okay, I guess. There was nothing particularly special (and again, he was cliche) and practically no character development. Overall, pretty boring.

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Tbh, I spent the whole book thinking that Kye was gay and waiting for him to make a move on Elian. It never happened … but, like, there were some pretty obvious signals that he was giving off? Madrid and Torik were the only characters that I actually wasn’t bored to tears with.


Again, nothing too special here. The writing was okay, but like Elian, nothing too special. It was actually a part of the bonuses of the book.

The plot may have been the most interesting part. No, the part with the most potential. The whole premise was super cool and was interesting it just was delivered a little flat, unfortunately.

But again, these were probably one of the best parts of the book.


I t w a s s o b o r i n g. I mean, I was actually crying tears of boredom. Nothing felt like it was happening, even if it was in the thick of it. (Not sure why, but that was just how I felt.)

The characters were all cliche from Lira (especially her) as the murderess who only turned out the way she did because of her Big Bad Mom and “loves nothing” to Elian who was a prince but didn’t want to be one and would rather sail the ocean blue but would sacrifice anything for the greater good to Yukiko who was a murderess princess (if you read about her, she is super cliche). Kye also made, like, no sense to me.

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The ending felt a little too … I dunno. The very end felt a little too Happy Perfect, ya know? Otherwise I guess that the ending was okay.


So my main complaint is that it is extremely boring and cliche and fell short on what it had promised to deliver.

However, it was definitely an interesting plot idea and I could see others actually enjoying Lira and Elian (I read a lot of reviews that loved the two), so don’t let me stop you from reading this! And it WAS funny!

⭐ ⭐

“I reach out my hand to pull her up, and the look Lira gives me is nothing short of poisonous.

“Do you want me to chop it off?” she asks. I keep my hand hovering in the space between us.

“Not particularly.”

“Then get it out of my face.”

So what’s new with you all? Have you read To Kill a Kingdom? Or the original Little Mermaid? (< I highly recommend it) Watched the movie? Something? Let’s fangirl in the comments!!

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  1. I’ve heard so much about this book! Shame it didn’t really do it for you 😦

    I haven’t seen the original Little Mermaid all the way through in yeeeeears, but I don’t think I ever really liked it anyway… Although I adore Kiss the Girl!!

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    1. I know. 😕

      I wasn’t really a fan of the original, either. (Same, as well. It’s been AGES since I’ve watched it) I think that it’s been, like, twenty or twenty five years or something since it originally came out! I’ve too lazy to check my info, haha…. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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