Authors I Would Kill to have Virtual Coffee With

Hullo friends! As you have seen, I’m listing (and gushing over) the authors that I love and admire most. No, it’s not a complete list. Yes, I would die if this happened.

You may all be wondering: why virtual coffee? Lemme explain. 1) It’s less messy, 2) Talking is hard, especially face-to-face, 3) If I had even the slightest chance of meeting these amazing folks, it would be via online. Because, hey, let’s stay realistic here.

Now, let’s get started!

(Each author’s name is linked to their main platform)

(also – guess who forgot that it was friday!! and didn’t schedule a post!! and just got back from a conference!! and quickly threw together a post!! and didn’t edit!! and is dying!! haha, certainly not me.)


I mean, guys, is this even a question? Of course Nadine is number one on this list! (Not saying that, you know, it is in a particular order…) I’m serious, though!

If you don’t know Nadine or her books, she wrote the Out of Time trilogy, Fawkes, and soon … Romanov!!!! (So psyched for it, guys!!!) She had a blog for a long time, but moved over to YouTube … and I highly rec her videos! They are the funniest, most fun things EVER (no exaggeration here!) along with being ultra informative and fangirling over Harry Potter. Basically all the fun.

Along with great books and having a mega fun YouTube channel, Nadine is just the sweetest, most genuine author that I have seen and GUUUUUYS, I JUST CAN’T. I’ve emailed with her a couple times, commented on her blog + YouTube + Instagram and she responds and is just the best. She’s in the Top Two Authors That I Want to Meet (the second author being non-existent, haha).

Seriously, though. If you don’t already, go and follow her on all the social medias and go read her booooks!!!

V.E. Schwab

I mean, guys, it’s Victoria Schwab. Of course I’m dying to meet her.

I’m following VE on all of her platforms and see her all the time on Insta and laugh and cry over how relateable her tweets are. I’d love to just sit and chat with her and gripe over life or squeal over dogs or complain about/compliment our bangs.

She’s just so darkly humoured and somehow just so super relateable and I love her for that. Def would love to get a drink with her, even just virtually.

(I’m also seeing VE on tour and I am psyched!!!)

CG Drews

Because obviously, Cait is amazing. Tbh, I already feel like I know her because – despite being Queen – she feels like she’s just like us and is relateable and forces us cake and how could we not already love her?

Cait’s one of the people that actually drove me to blog (and further along, book blog) and she is just fantastic. ‘Cept if we were to have virtual coffee (or tea – I shan’t discriminate) it would be suuuuper awkward because me = awkward. lol.

And to boot, she writes amazing books. (I assume that TBWSH is going to be just as fantastic as ATPN)

Heather Dixon

Leaving us off with another incredibly dorky (and lovable) author is Heather. (She actually got married last year and – for the life of me – I cannot remember her new last name. Oops)

But yeah, Heather is so sweet and dorky. I LOVE her books and her blog is just a treasure. She’s an animator so I’d love some quick-sketching tips; pointers on how to write brilliant and hilarious characters.

Also, just her talking about life. From what I’ve read on her blog (srsly, go stalk it), she has an interesting perspective and I’d love to hear some of her stories!

So there you go, folks! What are some authors that you love and would really like to meet? Or HAVE you met them? I’d love to chat with y’all!!

7 thoughts on “Authors I Would Kill to have Virtual Coffee With

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  1. Yesss I’d love to meet Cait at maybe a book reading and hear her read in her Australian accent!! But other than that I’m happy to just quietly watch authors from a distance. Not that I really do that anyway because I don’t have twitter or anything… but yeah. Maybe I’d make an exception for like Lemony Snicket or Cressida Cowell because I LOVE them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I’m one who loves to meet authors. (I actually just met VE Schwab and I am d y i n g) Stalking, I mean, quietly watching authors is also something that I love. Observing them is quite entertaining, actually 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, CG Drews me too! 🙂
    I’d prolly pick Mark Edwards. He’s my go to suspense author and comes up with all kinds of terrifying stuff, but he always comes across as a super chill and cheerful person. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I still have yet to read a Mark Edwards’ book! They all look suuuper good! But aren’t those authors the best? When their books have no chill, but they’re the best peeps irl?? 😂


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