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Yes, it is true. I am fabulous. That joyful news aside, today I am reviewing Words of Radiance (Brandon Sanderson, The Stormlight Archives #2). This humongous tome (clocking in at about 1087 pgs) is an epic fantasy. I loved the first book and, while I read the second one faster, it still took me forever. It ’tis still good, though.

And I promise you that I’m doing my best to avoid spoilers! I’ve read over the review a few times and there shouldn’t be spoilers for this or the first book … but if you are super paranoid, I just wanted to let you know. 😉

(Reviews: book 1)

Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, #2)
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THE ROMANCE IS JUST THE CUTEST. I don’t even know why I loved it so much??? They’re adorable and both have hidden motives (sort of), but are cute. I’m in love with their love.

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There were quite a few scenes/chapters that I just absolutely adored. Shallan x Kaladin are just priceless together – they’re both the wittiest wits (other that Wit). I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob. (Though threat! threat! threat to ship detected!)


Baaaackstory for Shallan! I loved it! The last book (The Way of Kings) was more of Kaladin’s book, whereas Words of Radiance is Shallan’s. We get to see her story more and it focused on her a lot. (!!!!)


Shallan!! Was!! The!! Main!! Character!! In case you don’t remember from my review of the first book … I loved Shallan. Unfortunately, she was left out quite a lot. Not so in this one! The book – at least I felt – mostly revolved around her. She develops sooooo much (which sadly, I didn’t like her as much towards the end). We also have tons of baaaackstory!!

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My little babe Kaladin is going through some things. He is bipolar and for most of the book, he is on a down swing. I hate to see him have to go through all of this, but other than that, his chapters were just downright boring.

Syl, unfortunately, also wasn’t in it that much. Still, she is absolutely fabulous. Pattern was … something interesting. JASNAH IS JUST PURE AWESOMENESS if a little … scary??? Dalinar and Navani both suck. Let’s throw them both to the chasmfiends. (Also hated Tyn and Lift, but they’re both barely in it, so.) Wit was in it a bit. Luuuurved him.

Someone who I … didn’t expect to see as much was Adolin. His participation was probably just the same amount as in the first book, but ahh!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I Love him!


As with the first book – and, really, any Sanderson book – the writing is long and descriptive and dense and uuuuugh. But yet it is so good?!

Everything is thought-out. Every page, sentence, word is purposeful. Deliberate. It all builds on each other and if that isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is. HOWEVER. It makes the going slow, and sometimes the detail bogs it down.

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Still, it is beautiful to see how much thought is put into everything from the one or two chapters of different cultures (which is suuuper thought out) to how plants and people and animals interact.


I hate to put this as a con, but the writing really does slow it down. I am much more of a contemporary-writing style fan (though I do love to take a break with something like this or a nonfic), but it is  s o  s l o w. I’m dying. (It srsly took me about eighteen/nineteen hours to read this, but it felt longer, almost)

A lot of the characters I hate or are completely, downright boring. Ugh. The characters I DID love (yes, including Shallan) got on my nerves, especially as the book went on.

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Okay, I feel completely awful for saying this … but I hated the ending. It all felt too … fantastical? Rushed? Too much character development too fast? Like, it worked for the story, but personally I felt that it was too big. Unbelievable. (Yes, unbelievable for a fantasy)


In conclusion, it was fantastic. Completely thought-through and it did NOT fall to the second-book-blues. We had Shallan (!!), awkward romance (!!), POWERS (!!), mental illness (!!), and sword fights (!!). P.L.E.N.T.Y. of heartstopping scenes … lotsa action.


So good, guys! I don’t want to start the third book (despite the ending that Words of Radiance gave us) because the fourth BOOK DOESN’T START FOR FOREVER. ARGH.

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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

So. Let’s talk. WHO ELSE FREAKIN’ ADORES TANGLED?! *falls in love all over again* Okay, okay. But back to books. Has anyone else read this monster of a book (series)? What is the biggest book that YOU’VE read? Let’s weep in the comments together!

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  1. Wow I have no idea how you managed to read this?! And respect you a lot for doing so because woah that book is thick.

    Ahh yessss I loooove Tangled! Literally my fave Disney film ever. Flynn is just ❤ ❤

    Also oops sorry for just disappearing off the face of the earth for a lil bit! I’ve missed your posts but I have many to catch up on so I’m looking forward to that 🙂


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    1. I have respect for me, too. Honestly, I don’t know how I got through this monster. (It was good, but s o l o n g)

      Tangled. is. the. best. Flynn has set too high of a bar for all other men in my life. Everyone needs to be like Flynn. 😜

      No worries! Heaven knows I’ve done that enough times, haha. You’ve got loads of posts to catch up on! I’ve been busy, lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, love the review!
    I only read the Reckoners Trilogy by Sanderson, but it gave me similar feels about the characters and how there were some cute moments, and the way he just paints a picture of the world ❤


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